Internet — How can access to meaningful content contribute to development and life improvement?

“Today connectivity is human right.”

First of all, huge accolades must be bestowed to our previous generations, for how they have survived and carried their lives without internet. Our lives are totally different now. To survive in this competitive world we have to have access to the internet. The more we connect the better it gets.

People say humans are slaves of technology, I’d rather say we are slaves of our own creation. Humans created technology to make life easier and then internet was discovered to make life better. But the question arises, are all of us able to reap the benefits of internet? The answer is simply NO! Two-third of the world is still not connected to the internet. Surprising, isn’t it? I believe there can be many ways to ensure more people are connected.

The Internet has emerged in the last decade as an extremely important conduit for information and communications. The Internet makes the world a better place. Since its creation, it has given us a unique platform for innovation, creativity, and economic opportunity. The Internet improved the quality of life for people in all parts of the world — and can continue to do so. Amplifying efforts by concentrating on building projects focused on sustainable human, technical, and governance infrastructures. I believe these three fundamental pillars are the key to successful internet development initiatives that benefits local culture, empowers users and generate economic growth of the nation. Everything is a process, might take time, but still it’s better to be late than never.

People with good knowledge, skilled and who has expertise in technology can step up. Trained, educated and engaged people who create, sustain, and maintain networks at a local and regional level. People who connect with each other and form “trusted human networks” that build content and innovate around the world. This is what allows the internet to grow and become a platform for economic and community development.

If we look at the technical infrastructure of it. The networks, computers, protocols, internet exchange points, and other technology that the internet runs “on”, and through which the unconnected become connected. Where innovation drives technology and economic growth. Here I would like mention one important thing. When I think of the phrase “Internet for all”, first thing comes up to my mind is the “”, prolific initiative taken by Facebook and other global technical giants. is a partnership between social networking services company Facebook and six companies (Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm) that plans to bring affordable access to selected Internet services to less developed countries by increasing efficiency, and facilitating the development of new business models around the provision of Internet access.

Government plays the most important role to ensure connectivity for all. They should be partners in internet development. Instead of adding on defense machineries, many developing countries’ government can invest on increasing the bandwidth of connectivity. Increase in connectivity will make citizens powerful and acquainted to the world. It is the age of information, the more info you’ve got the higher will be development.

Apart from all of above, I reckon Telecom companies play a vital role. By providing internet packages in reasonable prices, they encourage people to be online. People being online means knowledge is being spread in a free flow mechanism. Telecom companies should compete among themselves in order to reach to every point of the earth. This will only make us all connected. I repeat it again, the more we connect the better it gets.

I have improved my life via internet. True that! Years ago, if there was no newspaper I had no chance to read information or current affairs. Now not only reading, but also I can get involved through audio-visual connectivity. This had enhanced my personality in terms of expressing myself. I am from Thailand, but this year I went to Portugal for internship for almost 6 months. I survived well, thanks to internet that I could translate menus at the restaurant, haha! And learned a bit of Portuguese. It is non-debatable that internet makes one’s life better and easy and….lazyyy! (wink)

I prepare for exam by studying and writing notes from the informative internet. I can learn cooking from the internet. I can learn how to code from the internet. I can literally build another universe from the internet, that’s how meaningful content is so important to myself and everyone else’s personal development.