Goibibo Cares for Women!
Goibibo Tech

Really appreciated Goibibo for acting shiftly on the travellers issue. The single women traveller was given the accommodation in another hotel by Goibibo due to the check in denied by the booked hotel.

In this case, if the traveler would have noted the policies and conditions of the hotel during the booking time then this inconvenience would have been averted and may have gone ahead with another hotel option for booking.

Once the customer booked the accommodation, then the Hotel must have got the booking details, if not immediately then atleast the day before the guest arrival the hotel authority must have seen the travelers details. During the booking there is the option of selecting Mr / Ms / Mrs and the option of selecting number of guests. The guest would have booked by selecting either Ms or Mrs and the number of guest details also. The inconvenience would have averted if the hotel would have paid the attention before the guest arrival whether it is single traveller / women.

For both hotel and hotel aggregator , the customer service is an important factor.

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