Notes — June 22, 2017

Sam Altman & Reid Hoffman — The Scaleup offsite

Scale — What got you here, won’t get you there. Dynamism, Anticipation

Hire for values, aptitudes and skills in that order. Traditional hiring, goes the reverse and is probably true for a non-growing, static company.

It tends to make a very different team, non-traditional, but one that works.

What is someones net effect on the productivity on the people around them. Someone might be moderately productive but has a great net effect on people around them.

Don’t have culture that looks good on the surface but rejects merit. Culture isn’t benefits.

Culture deck — Reed hastings

Communication is the most important part as you scale up. Brian chesky example of 20 out of 30 nights dinner with people not directly under him.

Keep communicating as you grow bigger.

Solve problems at time, don’t pre-solve them.

— — — — —

Vinod Khosla — How to build and manage teams

You can be a $ 0 million company or a $ 0 billion company. The difference is ambition.

Clearly have your basecamps and Mount everest stated. Tactics + Ambition.

State you 5 challenges — look for 5 companies that have solved each of it — identify 3 names within that — That’s your gene-pool to attract talent.

Process people in a early startup is a disaster

If you are doing something that people you can hire can do. hire them.

In hiring & selling — No means Maybe, Maybe means a yes. Look for leads that will connect the bridges.

Think about who you can get that everybody wants to work with

2/3rds between the founders. 1/3 for your next level of people. 1/3 to the people under them. 1/3rd amongst the people under them.

When you hire VP of engineering how will it make VP of marketing’s job better

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