Use multiple G Suite accounts? You need this URL hack.

Admit it, G Suite is the best available premium email management app. In case you didn’t know, G Suite is nothing but Google Apps for Work, the service was renamed a few months back.

While you are at using multiple G Suite accounts, I am sure you would have hated the Google account changer available at the top right on any Google product page, Gmail or YouTube to name a few.

Lost time is never found again. — BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Poor Richard’s Almanack.

If you are the kind that loves typing (or, using keyboard shortcuts — no, this guide isn’t using a keyboard shortcut though) over choosing the account switcher, for faster access, there is this URL address formatting that Google uses for G Suite accounts.



  1. — that’s my work Drive address.
  2. — that’s my personal Drive address.

Substitute drive with sites, mail, calendar, docs or any other Google product keyword, and you have it working. A few products do not work though — contacts, YouTube, Google+. I haven’t gotten around finding an option for that yet.

In case you have multiple Google accounts under the same organization, you will be thrown a notice with the list of Google accounts under that organization. You can pick the one you want to login into.

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