Postgres 13.0 Source code installation

  1. Download Postgres binary(source code) from
    you can download (postgresql-13.0.tar.gz) or (postgresql-13.0.tar.bz2)
  2. Copy downloded binary on server and unzip (root access required for Postgres installtion)
    #tar -xvzf postgresql-13.0.tar.gz
    New folder(postgresql-13.0) will be created
  3. Install Required package
    #yum install readline* =====>up and down DB command usage on pgsql prompt
    #yum install zlib* ========>Database compres
  4. Run installtion of postgress using root access
    #cd postgresql-13.0
    #./configure -prefix=/Postgres/pg13
    #make install
    #cd contrib/
    #make install

    Note:-we want to install postgres binary on /Postgres/pg13 directory so we must include -prefix option in configure else postgres will install on defalt /usr/local/pgsql directory.more option -help

./configure -prefix=/Postgres/pg13= Prepare configuration of Postgres
make= It will create a directory and link so library it will take some to finish
make install =Installation of postgress binary

cd contrib/ =Change to contib directory to install additional utility in postgress/bin/ directory
make= Prepar for additiona utility
make install =Installation of additional utility

Note:- Since installation did from root user we have to change owner of postgress binary installed directory to postgres user in order to carried our future DBA activity .

#chown -R postgres:postgres /Postgres/pg13

Postgres source code installation process completed here.

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