A walk around the block

Whole of the world (around me at least) is on the mood of celebration. I am at a melancholic state right now. All the people I care about are at least 1000 miles from where I am right now. Smart phones, Skype, FaceTime everything maybe there but the world is still a huge place and the distance of seperation is very true.

Usually I am very busy with no time to breathe from my day job and that was a good thing, i had no time to wonder about life or yearn for a simple hug from your mom. Again I am not complaining, this is what life is. Or so I thought until I decided to get up and take a walk around the block of my house. Why? Well because I was bored and wanted some fresh air.

Diwali is called the festival of lights. I live in Bombay so the celebrations are a bit over the top (no pun to Bollywood). All the houses are fitted with small LED lights and there are kids high on the sugar rush of the sweets they have been indulging in for the past week. Most of them are just trying to forget about getting back to school and enjoying as much as they can before getting back to the place where educated zombies are made. Let me not go there for now.

I got out of the house and just looked around. Hordes of children just shouting and running around the apartment like there’s no tomorrow. That always fills up my heart. Childhood is a very funny time of our life. The biggest problem was losing our eraser and getting low marks on our tests and exams. Very much later we realise, we are never taught what is actually necessary and never tested for real life out there.

I was walking around the block, almost all houses fit with lights on their windows. It is said that 'Lakshmi' the goddess of wealth would use the light around your house and enter your house and provide all the wealth you would need for all your lives. Wsh it was that simple. I moved past all of the 'residential' complexes and moved towards the main road for more commercial entities. They are even worse. Made to keep open on days of festivities,when they should be enjoying with their families from the wealth they have made so far.

My mood was still not up so I just decided to get back and go home. I was almost nearing home when I saw something that intrigued me. There were kids with tubes from their wrists and wearing masks over them. Any logical person would recognise immediately who these kids are. I wanted to go and talk to them. But I was afraid. A Pang came over me, what if they thought I just came to talk to them out of pity. That is definitely not my intention. I wanted to make them laugh make them feel better. I braved all of my feelings and went over to talk to those kids.

I was starting to sweat but I then remembered that I have chocolates that I got as change from a vendor nearby and decided to start my conversation with that. But then another thought occured to me. What if they are not supposed to have chocolates and I made their condition worse. I put the chocolates inside and moved slowly towards them. They were talking to the vegetable vendor who also happens to be my friend. I decided to talk through him.

I went there and talked to him casually and was amazed by the attitude of those kids. I have tried talking to kids near my house and most of the time they just used to spat in your face for ruining the game they were playing. But these kids were considerate and so good mannered. Even I was not this well mannered. I started to Envy them.

There were two boys of ages 8 and 10 and one girl I guess aged around 11. She was taking care of these two boys. It was Diwali and their day out of the metaphorical prison they are sentenced by a heartless entity apparently God.

We have had our life very easy. All the stress we had to go through was competition and understanding the fact that we are not as good as the so called high scorers or achievers. But they are just book worms who don’t really know much about the beautiful and at the same time cruel outside world. Most of us don’t experience outside world until we go off to college in a hostel and even there find people just like us and form a group and make our life within that group. The biggest good thing we would have done would be attending blood donation camp yearly and give some blood. But wehn we start making some money we can do so much more. At least continue giving blood.

Now don’t start thinking that I am asking you guys to make some monetary help for such kids. There are guilt driven millionaires and billionaires for that. We can do what we can and not go out of our way for it. People who are out if their houses and wondering how to spend your free time during such festivals you can just find the nearest hospitals and meet such kids. Talk to them. They don’t need your money or toys, they just need your support someone to talk to. Someone to laugh with , someone who wouldn’t judge them for their looks, someone who wouldn’t try to make profits out their situation. Someone who wouldn’t want publicity out of this.

I can hear 'you bloody hypocrite, you are doing this for the fame of writing this article aren’t you?’ from your hearts and a small smile that insinuates me as a blasphemist. But someone has to tell this. Many have told this but we are still not doing anything, including me of course. I take a pledge to spend my time with such kids and try to make their lives a little better. As much as we can. They are children of God too and they deserve better attention because god loves them more. Their will will make you strong and get through your life and problems. Who knows they can come to stronger than you. Don’t get jealous celebrate. Celebrate life. Celebrate good Will.

Well after spending time with them I am just writing this. So anyone reading this and want to have some real satisfaction in your life then we may meet with some fellow strong willed kids soon.

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