Being a child

Remember the time we were children?

Life was so easy. Rather than saying easy I would prefer the word simple. And then we grow up and become who we are right now.

All we needed back then was a stick and we would be giddying up horses along the grand canyon guns blazing, or it would be the spaceship taking us around the world and to far away unknown (still unfound places — these childish ideas have paved way for so many scientific advances). Or we would just lie down and look at the skies and look at the clouds and make stories with the shapes we see in the cloud. This is one indicative factor of the innate innovative and creative thinking we have as a a child. But these do not stay with everyone after that.

As we grow up, whenever some of our friend tells us a story which he would have just made up we would all be feeling the same “how creative is he thinking? That guy is so damn lucky!” But if we just turn back the clock to our childhood we can see how much creative we were when we were just a child. With the life experiences we gain everyday as we grow, it is pretty obvious that the creativity should increase but it doesn’t. How many of us have wondered about that?

Alright now it would have gotten pretty clear as to in which direction I am going. But I am not going to blame the system. That is too easy. I have always wondered on whom to blame but the answer was right before my eyes, actually the answer when I was looking in the mirror.

Most of us would not dare blame the person we see on the mirror, because it means that we have to accept the fact that we are wrong. How atrocious is that? How can I be wrong?

I agree to those questions above completely, hell I felt the same when I decided to blame myself. But for one minute, just a minute, can we blame ourselves? Not entirely just at some parts. We do so many things in a day and requires time, agreed. But what about the time we spend (specifically not using ‘wasted’) by just hearing music, wondering stuff, being a couch potato. In that time we can do so many things. Now I know it sounds like I am saying we are being lazy and not having any extra goals.

But isn’t that true? Even if we work 10 hours a day and get back home at 10 in the night, we are not just going to jump into out beds. We are going to eat, watch some television, some Facebook (or twitter or Instagram based on your choice).

Now we get into the important part, passion and interest.

Let’s get back to our childhood. We had school, homework, tuitions, and so many other classes which apparently going to help us later in our life. In spite of such a tight schedule we always found a way to have fun. We never gave up the work for the smaller pleasures we were always interested in. And it had a pretty simple answer, the passion we had for that pleasure. What happens to that as we grow up? It’s definitely not lost. It can’t be. Then where would it go? We just repress it with all the happy childhood memories may be? Sounds plausible. We forget so much of our childhood with the fast paced life we are forced to have.

There is another interesting point about childhood that some people !might be thinking about now,responsibility. We did not have much responsibility as a child. Our parents were responsible for us. Now that we are adults, we are responsible for ourselves, or for more people around us. Being responsible for ourselves is a huge task in itself. Just think about also being responsible for others. So your next question would be “Now that you know about responsibility, how can we leave it all and just follow what we love?”

To everyone with this question, my answer is this

“I am not saying you to give up what you have to take up what you love. Paying bills and maintaining your family is more important than writing a short story. They trust you to do that, they would have come so many miles away from home trusting you would do that. For their sale you must do that. But take some time like even 10 minutes a day to just collect your thoughts and make a note. Who knows your kid could read that and get inspired. What would make you more happier than your little kid saying you are his inspiration?”

I know you guys are getting bored with all this childhood talk. But our adulthood is based in our childhood. Now that ours is gone maybe we can try to get back some of it? We all are good at something. Some write (nope not me, sorry. Just a concerned human), some sing, some dance (and some seriously lucky people do both), some just like to sit back relax and think and give ideas to the people mentioned before.

All these people are equally creative and can change the world with their talent. Just like when we were kids, by just taking our time to think of going somewhere and we’ll be there in our mind. So taken some time from your “busy schedule” to do something you love or even something you remotely like. Who knows you could be the next Beethoven, Kurt Cobain or Tolstoy.

Have a happy creative time people!!