Like or to be liked — An interesting paradox

What does make a man or a woman tick? Everyone has a different answer for that. Some have simple and easy things like music and movies. Some are a little sophisticated and move over to books. Yes it has come to a situation that people who read other's thoughts inked rather than typed to be called "sophisticated" rather than regular people. Of course there are people who are engaged to this mortal life by means of something extreme. I specifically use the word extreme because I only mean the legal ones here. Taking a swing at sports come in to this category.

But not all people are like that, people also like their own fingerprints are unique but made to do the same job like thousands around them due to the condition of economy. A person especially in India whether he likes to do it or not is forced to take up engineering most of the time. Many a times its the parents wish or dying wish to see their child in the role they themselves wanted to be. It is not wrong its absolutely normal for them to think that they only force it for the sake of their kids. But the important question here is does the kid want that? Is he/she actually interested and supportive of this decision.

The only way the kid would understand all of this would be when he reaches his early 20s. But by that time he is already ready for slaughter of his dreams by the means of an engineering colleges and their sheep rearing tendencies. Just like a Shepard carefully grows a sheep to a certain quality and then send it off to be butchered. Can we blame him? Its his livestock he has all the right to behead it in front of the whole colony. But we are not sheep, we may sometime rant along boredom and wear a goatee to prove he has grown.

So who is to be really blamed here? The parents who so lovingly grow the sheep? The butcher who makes a living out of killing innocent sheep? Or the sheep which never understands the rants of the leader and simply walks away to only get caught earlier.

The real culprit is the society. The real worth of a community is based on the quality of the community you are a part of. The respectable quality could be silence like in this case where you are reading. Or could be whom drinks the most without barfing. Or it could be the richest guy around the community. If his children achieve something it need not only be because of the luck but also because of true grit and determination.

For you to be respected among your fellow parents in the community your child must be 'at least' a child genius.. When it does not happen because of your son being extra - ordinary, it is not his fault because that is who he is. Forcing your children to be something they are not will only make it harder for them to achieve what you want them to achieve.

The goal of a parent must not be to make their children famous but successful. "Fortune favours the brave" is seldom used but what people forget is "Fame follows success and not the other way around".

Another important thing to consider here is to understand the definition of " success". Success is not being rich and having a plush life but having a content and happy life. Do your child (he and she) get to do what they wanted to do? Are they happy with it? Do they respect you for letting them live their life the way they wanted to? If your answer is yes to all of the above, then you have been a successful parent. By putting them in a cage you make a good show pig or monkey but a lion deserves to be in the wilderness trying to hunt down it's prey and winning enough for its family.

Let your children whatever they want to be.. They need not only be an engineer. An engineering is completely over rated (Trust me I am one of them too). He\She can be a writer, a painter, a filmmaker, a teacher, a "good" politician, a great leader, an entrepreneur the list is vast and endless.

P.S : By letting them realise their dreams, they will try to do the favour by not letting you parents in an old age home, as they will be faithful to you since they will actually love you and not just do it for the sake of it. Love them and they will love you back. Push your dreams on them? I guess I have explained enough.

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