How many lovers have you had? How many dreams?

How many lovers have you had? How many dreams? One? Two? Three? Many? If you had to choose one lover, one dream that you could come back to, would that be me? The one that you haven’t been able to take your mind off. The one you wish you had pursued with abandon and never abandoned. The one that keeps coming back to haunt you and remind you of your triumphs, choices, losses. Catches you off guard when you are completely vulnerable, defenceless and needy for appreciation and in want of real, passionate, unadulterated devotion. One that lifts a lazy finger, points at you and jests in mock of how once upon a time you wanted to thrive and how you have given in to just, survive.
 I am your lover who was gone. I am your dream from an era bygone. And now I am back. If you are ready to relent, I will move in with you. If you cherish me, I will stay with you forever. If you love me, I’ll love you back more. If you indulge me, I will stay loyal. But, my lover, remember this, I am just a dream. To realise me, to make me real, living, breathing, conscious, there are a few rules. 
 I am ‘your’ dream. Not anyone else’s. To realise me, you have to own me. I want your undivided attention, your fierce loyalty, your unconditional love. I understand that once in a while you may be distracted, seduced and courted by others more tempting but you always have to come back to me. I have to be your one and only, the sole intent, the only redemption, the lone cynosure you’re enamoured by. 
 I am your dream. Living, breathing, conscious, alive. And I too have carnal desires. I want to be made love to. Mad, passionate, unrelenting. Kinky as well. BDSM? Awesome move, dear lover! I want to be tied down, set free, turned around on my head, tossed, lifted, thrown, bounced. I want you to lust for me. I want my outsides explored, my insides implored. I am your dream that you want to realise. I want you to love me, make love to me. All day. All night long. I should be the one keeping you awake all night and I should be the reason for your good night’s sleep. I want you to own me, know me, every inch, every pore, every thought, every node. 
 I am your dream, dear lover and I will make you come alive. But for that, you have to protect me, insulate me from those who tell you I am not good. From wives, lovers, beaus, fathers, sons, daughters, friends, foes, colleagues, mentors. For they will be jealous of me because I would be leading you and your thoughts away from them. You’ll be spending every living moment trying to realise me. Jealousy may turn into envy. Envy into dispassion. Apathy into rage. They will want to poison me, kill me, bury me, talk you into abandoning me yet again. But you’ll have to stand by me. I am your dream. I will make you come alive but you may have to die for me. 
 I am your dream, dear lover. To realise me, you will have to nurture me. I want to grow old with you but for that, we need to grow together. Feed me. Broaden my mind. Read for me. Anything, everything. Every day. I promise I shall shovel everything down my throat and not waste a morsel of knowledge. Stretch my possibilities. I told you I am kinky. Experiment with me. Try new things with me. Give me some muscle. Make me lean, mean, sharp. I promise no yawning gaps and no incredulous gasps.
 I am your dream, dear lover. And I love to be shown off to the world. Don’t hide me off like a concubine or mistress. Tell everyone about me. Talk about me. Wear me on your arm. Wear me on your heart. I will never wear you off. Take pride in me. And those who don’t like me, hear them out, and then quietly ask them to shove it. Those who suggest how I can become better, hear them out and then work on me. But dear lover, just don’t keep me in your head. I want me on your desk, your car, your bed, your canvas, your life. I don’t want to be a one-night stand, an abbreviated fling, an adulterous affair or a fuck buddy. I want to be a life-long commitment. Forever. Always. Together.
 Make a promise to me. You will resurrect me from the past and you will give me a new lease of life. You will fall in love with me again and you will bring me alive. I am your dream. To realise me, you will start loving me again. 
 Well, hello again, my dream lover. Welcome back!

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