Wanted: Superheroes

I think there are four distinct joys in the early stages of building a company.

  1. When you build and launch a product that works
  2. The first time you sign up a customer who pays you to use your product
  3. The first time you realize (and accept) that the first customer wasn’t an exception and that others want it too!
  4. When you realize that you need to hire many more folks, smarter than you, to take the company forward

With TruckSumo, we’ve just experienced #4. It is an incredible feeling to know that more people are going to join us and take our project to the next level. That’s a really long-winded way of saying WE ARE HIRING.

My co-founders and I spend a lot of time thinking about the next wave of partners we want to hire. Here is the kind of person we want on our team.

  1. Solutions over problems — You don’t stop at identifying a problem. You identify the root causes and come up with a well-thought out plan to solve the problem.
  2. Impact — You consistently accomplish amazing amounts of important work.
  3. Involved — You take time to understand the business. You rally behind good ideas and question bad decisions. People respect your work and opinions.
  4. Courage — You understand that difficult decisions are agonizing because of a choice between two seemingly bad alternatives. You have the courage to pick a side and see it through.

If this sounds like you, we want you. All our roles are listed at www.trucksumo.com/careers

If you know others who fit the bill, refer them to us. We have an awesome “crowdsourcing” referral program at www.trucksumo.com/careers/refer

As a young startup, every single referral you make will go farther than anything we do. So, thank you for helping us out.

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