Every Developer should spend those two days in their life

Exactly 2 months before I and my friends registered for the GDD event which is going to happen in Bangalore on December.

Chennai to Bangalore Journey

At last, the day came and we got into the Brindavan Express. The ticket cost is ₹195 it’s not actually that much comfortable. Anyway, this was my first long time journey on the train, I was excited. While traveling one old man sat next to me and he has kept one bag below the seat, he was spending whole travel on protecting that bag, I was a bit curious about what he is having in that bag. At last the train reached Bangalore after 4:45 hours of travel. The old man sat next to me has opened the bag finally

Once I look into that bag I got confused because the bag contains 10 –11 empty and filled water bottles 😂😂.

We reached Bangalore on Nov 30th evening and getting ready for that bigger day.

#GDDIndia Day 1 — Dec 1, 2017

The climate is breezy on early morning The registration time was 8 am to 10 am. 😀 But we took the metro from Indira Nagar to Nagasandra at 8 am. It took us 40–45 mins to reach Nagasandra metro station. They provided shuttle service from the metro station to BIEC. BIEC is a place where the event is happening. Once I reached there i was like

The whole area is covered with Colourful banners, flags and so on. Because it’s Google’s Event 😍 in each and every props used in this event was pixel perfect and the magic was there are 5000 + Developers came for that event. Is that awesome!. At the registration, we got our developer day T-shirt and stickers.

All the developers were assembled in the hall for the keynote session

GDD has composed one special music for this event and that was awesome. a lot of sessions and training happening over there. There are 1 event and demo hall, 2 session hall and 2 training hall. we attended the sessions according to our plan and it was a different experience that every Developer should spend some time to experience that. Finally, the party sessions, some famous singers, dancers, and DJ. The party ends at 11 but we left at 8 because of metro and we reached home safely. At end of the day, we got some knowledge, some T-shirts, more stickers and one android thing kit.

#GDDIndia Day 2 — Dec 2, 2017

As like the day one, we took the same metro from Indra Nagar to Nagasandra and then took shuttle service reached BIEC. When comparing to Day one we have attended more sessions and gained more knowledge on Day 2 that was unexpected one

In this event there are some interesting things — Draw bot, Android things, Review my site, community lounge, google assistant, google home, recaptcha, play store console, AdMob, code labs, google cloud certification, google demos, photo booth and my favourite quiz (you need experience that to make as your favourite)

At the end of day two, we gained more knowledge, learned some interesting things, 1 laptop bag, some stickers, and some friends.

We don’t know this event is that much bigger that we think. We are so glad to attend this event and we planned to start attending all upcoming events that make every Developer to code more, think deeper and spread knowledge. 
One of the unforgettable Event 😊

Bangalore to Chennai Journey

The awesome days are over we finally reached the railway station to get on the train.

I’m drafting this article on this journey

#GDDIndia ❤️ #HappyCoding