Lately I have realized how I am demolishing my time.

5 months back my schooldays sucreased, my incessant days of idleness need a TIME-OUT. I did not feed my mind — continually grow and learn as a person. “Whatever you tell yourself becomes reality” but I used to have lot of negative self-talk.

I felt unispired, loosing passion for anything. I need to look ahead to see where I want to go, leaving behind my comfort zone and take calculated risks. The way I assess success is by someone’s level of happiness, I kept on asking myself and the response has made me write this.

When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be a pilot and singer, but is that working out for me? I am not living the life of my dreams.

So its time to start my days with a roadmap and not to end aimlessly wander around what is important, wasting time along the way, time to end my silent procrastination.

Later in life this is the facet that will matter the most. I need to rework to spin my chimera into reality! All of us at some point had suchlike deliberation all we need is to listen our inner voice and fight our way bravely.

“The future belongs to those who prepare for it today” — Malcolm X