As per the latest change in trend to how applications were managed and deployed new technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes has emerged rapidly in the past few years. But, as the applications started to be deployed as containers the traditional ways to monitor an application started to become obsolete fast and the requirement to have a new monitoring system grew even faster.

To meet the aforementioned requirements, a project from SoundCloud was born: “Prometheus”. …

What is CI/CD?

  • Continuous Integration: It is the practice of collaboratively working on a project using a source code manager where all of the changes made to the code base are validated by creating a build and running automated tests against the build. This helps the team in avoiding the integration hell which refers to everyone merging their changes into the release branch together before the release day.
  • Continuous Delivery: It refers to having an automated release process to complement the automated testing provided by Continuous Integration acting as an extension of continuous integration and improving your release rate in a sustainable way.

Let’s start with the obvious question, What is an Ingress Controller?

Ingress Controller is essentially a reverse proxy that is used to expose your service externally. It can be nginx, traefik, ambassador, ha proxy or any other piece of a custom web server that you have written yourself. All it does is it connects to the ingress resource in Kubernetes API which is listening on the specified address and routes the incoming traffic to the configured service accordingly. …

In part 1 of this series we discussed how we can add Prometheus instrumentation to our sample Java Spring Boot application. But as someone said “Not always we have the luxury of being able to instrument our code”. Comes to rescue the Blackbox monitoring. In such situations we can use a monitoring agent(called “Exporter” in Prometheus world) to monitor our applications and publish all the informations available in a format that can be understood by Prometheus.

We will start of with the same uninstrumented sample Java Spring Boot application used previously. The respective code and pom.xml …

As the latest infrastructure demands changed, the existing monitoring solutions started to become obsolete and the need for a monitoring solution crafted to meet the new changes was required. And once again to save the day and to ensure mankind’s progress appears Prometheus.

Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit originally built at SoundCloud. (source)

Through Prometheus we can monitor our code in either of the two ways
• The Whitebox way: Using the standard library for the supported languages
• The Blackbox way: Using an agent(called “Exporters”)

Following is a simple Hello World! Spring Boot application to…

Kubernetes & Container Best Practices

With every new technology that emerges, comes its own set of challenges. The latest trend in the market i.e be it containers or Kubernetes isn’t an exception. Discussions galore around this topic and are still being done on what is considered as ‘Production Ready’ in this relatively new landscape. …

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