The Pink City Jaipur

I was born, brought up and spoiled in Jaipur, stayed the first 17 years of my life there. Have been out for over 10 years now but there is something about the city which pulls you back every time.

Believe it or not Jaipur now is India’s 10th most populous city with an Urban population of more than 3 million, which has grown over 30% in last 10 years. The traffic is becoming a menace and without a timely intervention would very soon be an impediment to the much needed growth the city requires.

Having said that the city still has a charm of its own. Be it the super simple and helpful people, food and food habits to die for, a shopping paradise, rich and royal history, the clandestine food joints and above all the vivid colors this city offers.

There is a strange likeliness in the chaos of markets in old city. It is here where you realize that though the city is called Pink City, the eclectic mix of colors you see in the market is unmatched, from the bright coloured bandhni saris to the diligently hand crafted silver and brass jewelry, from the eye soothing blue of blue pottery to the camel brown mojris.

If the rich culture and heritage is the edifice, food is the soul of this city. Would certainly surprise anyone who visits the city for the first time. Take an honest advise from me, while in Jaipur let your taste buds be the driver. Be it traditional Rajput non- vegetarian cuisine or the Marwari vegetarian delights, you are up for a feast here.

And lastly the people, the traditional Jaipur people still have that simplicity for which we all long for. Their faith in god, love for the family and finding small joys in life is what I miss being away from home now.

This is the Jaipur I grew in and this is the Jaipur I always want to go back to. Things are changing with Jaipur becoming the mainstay of Rajasthan economy but the soul is still intact.

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