The Great Betrayal
umair haque

This is why Brexit breaks my heart

I am not even British, to begin with, and neither did I lose wealth when the markets went crashing down as votes were counted and eventually announced.

I am a mere citizen and resident of India, 4758 miles away from the political drama that ensued in United Kingdom months ago, let alone in any way be much affected by what has turned out to be a disastrous result of the referendum. Maybe the only benefit that Pound has become cheaper and I was reading that owing to the Brexit verdict it might perhaps be the best time to plan travels to the great nation.

But, Brexit does break my heart.

It crushes the belief in standing together, in being united, in feeling as one. EU is more than just an economic partnership. It has developed representative of unity in diversity in some sense, strengthening when Greece decided to stay put collectively last year. But from now on, in what realm of future are we globally headed?

Across cultures, humanity stays the same. We all want peace, love and harmony to prevail but at the mercy of political agendas, when there is a chance of other nationhood to follow suit, what kind of unity and harmony are we headed to?

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