A true story: In life, you would not always have a Happy ending, you may have to stay happy with what you have, because love cannot be grabbed, or snatched, but your happiness cannot be postponed!!

It all started when I first saw you, your presence made my mind grow, it made me smile in the dark, and relentless meetings entice me towards that magnetic force in you. No signal or hint you gave that you were drawn towards me. The way your spoke sucked, still that aura and soul inside you made me sway. Facing a daily fight within me, where my heart said probably you are the one, my brain explained it that it’s nothing but just care, there is no future, and also that he has different choices in life. This conversation ended before it started, because the day I stopped, I never got a message of care. You said you are open to me and we are friends, I although never tried to change the paradigms of the relationship, but just because the concept says that friends talk, I expected that we would. A part of me is crying for what is going on, and the rest of me says that it’s for the best because this is what it was meant to be. I can never force a relationship, nor would want to get into one, but that impetus situation of wanting to talk and looking at your pictures is what I can’t stop. You seem to be a star that is unreachable, but not watching you is indispensable even though your light is burning my soul. It’s difficult to stay quite and not express, but that’s the way life works. Being in the crowd yet being alone. It’s a Happy place, yet sadness prevails. Not being expressive is the true art of living.

Take a pause….

I know, all this is what you feel when you are in love with the wrong person, or i would say when u like someone and don’t get the same gesture back, but have u ever paused and thought that the time and energy that you are spending on that one person, who probably does not care or does not even know, is not worth it.

Emotional imbalances are normal but sticking to the same old quarters of your life may shut your doors to the unravelling​ mysteries of the awesomeness inside you. Broken heart is very common, it happens with many but losing faith and taking harsh steps is never the solution.

Are you ready for the ride to discover who you are and what you are made of? When such heart breaks or sorrow of the one sided love comes, just understand that time has come to:

Turn around the clock and focus on you rather than him/her,

Think of what you love to do or what you would live for, it may be anything swimming, music, dancing, sports, exercise, cooking…

If u don’t know your hobbies, just pick one try it out, experiment and continue.

Instead of thinking what he/she likes, think of what you like.

When the thought of you are not good enough for him/her comes, think of your best qualities.

Go on a vacation, it could be anywhere.

Breathe and breathe, because that’s what you take for granted.

It’s all in the mind and mind needs serious focus, the garbage needs to be taken out and the fresh and positive needs to be captured.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

So stay happy and Don’t​ linger onto this one thought of the person who bothers you. Just stay calm and be patient, if it has to, it would come. ☺ ☺ Stay Happy, live life and be positive… ☺😃

If you think of love, loving yourself is the first step, the world would love you then..…. Love, live and forgive.