Pain without love!!!

Everyday looking at your pictures and wanting to turn the story the other way round. Wishing every day that once we meet, things might turn the other way, may be u left a ray of hope for me, if I clicked your heart and soul…. It’s freaking crazy and frustrating to think of you all day and night when I know all you gonna say after knowing this would be bro, I don’t feel the same way. The worst truth of my life, which kills me daily. Loving you is a blessing in disguise and a curse of my sins at the same time. I love to chat and talk to you, I love every picture that you post, I love the way you mould words and the way you put your opinions forward, but the ugly truth is that I just will have to live with it…. It’s easy to say don’t expect anything from anyone, but it’s the most difficult to follow. When I see you, I imagine all the love at first sight moments with u, it’s like my heart freezes, nerves become cold, all that there is in that silence is the adrenaline rush that goes back and forth just by a picture of you. I may be your bro, that’s the worst that I hear from you, but I have no option but to accept that in good spirit and call you the same. I never thought I would be sooo unconditionally and irrevocably in love with you, that I could ever imagine to spend my entire lifetime with you… huh … that’s the sad but true story of my life. That is why this heart is soo cold, because it shattered even before expressing it to you. You have no idea how I feel for you, but loving you is the only thing that I am allowed to do. The fact that you don’t feel the same way and that you would never feel the same way makes me resistant and persistent to even have a hope of you loving me, it even stops me from dreaming of you with me…. This pain won’t go away like this, this pain would become a wound and these wounds would never heel because they are soo real, I wish there was a time when you and I were on the same page. I wish atleast this story would not have ended the same way as it always does. I wanted it to be a surprise, well it shocked me with a blunder, crushed me with pain and shattered my hope, leaving me behind to hate being loved or loving someone ever again….

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