Death is an road to awe

The fountain movie poster

It doesn’t matter how talented we are, how skilled we become and how resourceful and reliable we turn out to be, it doesn’t mater how much we care about others, or how much others care of us we always have one common thing in the end to face that is ultimately death!, as scary as that notion turns out to be, we can always do nothing about it, throughout the life of a man, one way or the other we tend to be immortal wanting to cling to our dear life for as long as possible, trying to stay young , trying to look young in all this process mankind tend to forget to nurture the soul and add more value to it, this beautiful message was conveyed in Darren Aronofsky in his “ The most underrated movie” that is called “The fountain”

Now as a fan of this movie I don’t know if I can do any justice to it on this blog post, but I will try my level best to break this movie into comprehensible pieces as it has the so called “understanding issue” from its viewers, for people who seek out some cheesy action flicks or some romance drama would find themselves on a bad place if they are in a room to watch this movie, this movie has some deep meaning in relation to the creation cycle of life, initially even I wasn’t drawn to this movie but since it’s been sitting in on my laptop for very long featuring my favorite actor Hugh Jackman I decided to give it a try and the interesting part of the movie is we cannot successfully understand the movie the first time and you would definitely come back to it and each and every time it will be interpreted differently, the film basically has three timelines and incarnations for the 2 same characters

The conquistador finally finding the biblical tree of life

The film opens in 16’nth century Spain during the Spanish inquisition under the commission of queen Isabella Tomás Verde an Spanish conquistador journey’s to the New world in search for “The biblical tree of life” to attain immortality for himself and his queen whom upon his arrival had promised an eternal life together, this immortality was seeked by Thomas so that Spain under the rule of queen Isabella can put an end to the “Cancerous cleric” that is attempting to stop her search and usurp her throne, the center piece of this story line is Thomas actually goes in search of immortality therefore trying to allude death and even worse fighting it so that he can make his love immortal, the queen actually promises herself with a ring that is been offered to Thomas and is informed for him to wear it upon finding the “Mythical tree of life” but throughout this story line Thomas was never able to wear the Ring and though he eventually fights his way out of all the pagan traps and the pagan priest with the fire sword guarding the Tree itself, he discovers the tree sitting there and when he was finally able to drink the sap of it and taste immortality, he himself gets turned into plants and trees, which would ultimately bear fruit and flower that would sustain life and live on forever on way or another, now the thing that impressed me the most is that the directors view point on the concept of “Immortality” how one becomes a part of this world after death and start living inside one way or the other.

Thomas the conquistador fighting the Mayan high priest with the fire sword

The second reincarnation of the characters is in 2005 where Tom the neurosurgeon tries to find a cure for degenerative brain disease from a sample found in the “The tree of life” that is obtained by explorations in central America, tom’s wife Izzy who has a brain tumor spreading like the cancer becomes a drive for tom to find a cure as soon as possible, and he spends all those final moments of Izzy’s life trying to find a cure and restrains from spending any time with her, Izzy writes a book about “Thomas the conquistador” it is from this scene we can actually understand the past story line is just a dramatization of Izzy’s book , which is Izzy’s attempt to have written about how her own husband fights death seeking immortality, she ask’s tom to complete the book, tom refuses it fearing her death although Tom makes a good progress against degenerative brain cells his goal is practically out of anyone’s reach and he eventually looses his wife to death therefore making Death his foe again, he claims death to be a disease that can be cured. throughout this storyline Tom looses his wedding ring once and is never able to wear it again and he plants a seed at his wife’s grave

Tom Creo telling that death is a disease

The third narrative involves Tommy the space traveler it is implied that it is actually DR.Tom Creo who survives for 2500 years and is the last man alive and he travels to Xibalba the Mayan star that gives Rebirth, he travels on a self contained bio sphere bubble spaceship with a few personal effects and a tree that is ultimately grown in on Izzy’s grave now interestingly this scene coincides with how the conquistador ends up, throughout this story line tom has a number of round markings on both of his arms and this implies the passage of time , visions of Izzy is seen asking him to finish the book but tom was sure that he could bring back Izzy upon arriving at the golden Nebula but to tom’s horror the tree dies just before he could reach the Xibalba just as how Izzy had also died just before a cure. A final apparition of Izzi appears, comforting Tommy in the face of his accepted impending death and suggesting that they may share an afterlife now. He finally understands and embraces his death, moments before the star goes supernova, engulfing the ship and everything within. The traveler’s body is absorbed, but the tree flourishes back to life being engulfed by the star dying inside the nebula. Izzi’s apparition picks a fruit from the new tree of life and hands it to Tom, the present-day neuroscientist, who plants it in Izzi’s grave. Tom was finally able to wear his wedding ring because he embraced death instead of fighting against it.

Tommy in his spaceship travelling to the golden nebula

I was very much impressed about how this story portrays death as an act of creation, before dying Izzy tells the story of a Mayan guide who dies and is planted with a seed on a grave and the tree goes from the nourishment of the dead corpse therefore sustaining life and spreading in many ways achieving immortality indeed “Death is an road to awe”. The thing I loved throughout the movie was how Darren had given attention to details the Xibalba which Is a hallow round seen atop the bubble space ship looks like a life giving human part, and the sap the conquistador drinks from the Tree of life looks like another life giving membrane, The fountain does not explain death or why it happens, neither does it explain immortality but what it ultimately conveys is, by being in acceptance of one’s own mortality we can actually nurture our soul, make it more valuable with each passing moment towards death itself.



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