Warning: -This post is about generation “y”

The caretaker generation

Its my summer vacation now and well actually i under graduated this year, and im waiting for my b.School to start. Having nothing much better to do on my summer i got the movies of the famous director “christopher nolan” and i saw “interstellar” i will spare the details of this well known movie.so the film goes and at one point in this movie the caring and “save the world daddy” is told that he is an caretaker

Now the word care-taker generation bit me and so i kept thinking about it and i made a few google search and found out what it really is.

Now the movie was set in those times ahed of ours in which our beloved planet earth starts demanding its inhabitants to leave and so an entire generation is wasted; is depreived from their dream career, living ;and made to do farming inorder to keep the mouths of this planet fed. Now does this ring a bell?

I dono about other countries but here in india the generation before us is the care taker generation. The ppl who brought us to this world are the ones who care-took sacrificing their dream jobs, career just to become a bread winner for their family. All these times i’ve always considered them as “monarchs” but its common. I mean i do love them but i just felt their care overwhelming at times, their fear unwanted at times, their anger over reactive at times, their warnings and experience avoided all the times. But they are the care taker generation

The generation “y” in india the whole lot of them or most of them did have dreams, careers but they settled in for an government job for the security of their family. They sacrificed everything but yet remained “the sandwitched, care-taker generation” most of the higher middle class ppl didn’t own a land or inherited them because of sibling rivalary.. I mean ter used to be more than 5 children per house and 5 is considered minumum and thats how india became the most populated country. so the small portion of land owned by upper middle class ppl (and it gets worse in low class and lower middle class sector) cannot be divided equally if ter are 15 childrens in for the sucession so it is settled equally for the eldest 2 or 3

So without owning a bit of land without a home these ppl get married and start with a low income and standard of living these ppl they could hardly get into colleges and pass out sucessfully some of them had never tried too. im not talking about some random study im talking about my father and his family he had 15 siblings (it was common in india back then)and six of them died in childhood due to complications and among the survived pack, the eldest 3 inherited all the property that was left and the other 4 had a decent college and the two never did passout college and is still a bachelor living on low wages even after all these years

These care taker generation never had any land or a career boost in the begining because back then things were not how it is used to be today. the parents dont care about the education of their children because they themselves are not educated much and 9 children is a big number and there was no such thing as “counselling” or “career guidance centre” back then. so the children never knew how to go further after school or college and knew not how to start a career.. My father told me he worked at a salt Factory and he got his eyes damaged because of the uncanny production technique used in those days but now he is ok and doing good in life but he went through many tough times and odds he wanted to become an business man. that was his dream he had the nack for it i was told by my relatives, he had the skill of an entrpreneur in him,he had an business plan but he lacked capital and no one was there to back him up so he gave up on his dreams worked in a salt factory joined for an clerical post with the government and with his college education he had, he gained momentum and reached to the top of the office in 30 years but he never once left us to starve we have had tough times but he was always there, living in on an career he never desired for just for the sake of his family now here i’am finishing my undergraduation and opting for higher studies with a dream and passion to become an HR MANAGER and i’m in the right tracks for it and its gonna cost around 10 lakhs and he is willing to do it for me but what about his dream?? My old mans dream of starting a business.. He sacrificed his ambitions for my welfare and dreams.. These care takers both men and women they’ve sacrificed big things that really really matter. Just for their future generations. The word “care-taker generation” changed my perspective on them forever.im gonna hear them out from now on and when i start doing well in my life i would start up an small business for my old man. And fulfill his dreams its the least i can do for him.