Dear Marketer: Are Your Prospects Busy or Needy?

Learn this one small shift I discovered that instantly improved the quality of clients I worked with.

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Perry Marshall says when qualifying consulting clients you need to make sure they have a bleeding neck.

Meaning their need must be critical. Tangible. Urgent.

In my marketing businesses I’ve always wanted to help clients who needed more business. More leads. More revenue.

However, I’m starting to realize that this may not be the best qualifier.

Yes, I want to find people who want to grow, however if they are needy for business, they may put unrealistic expectations on the relationship.

Then I realized something.

My best clients had another need more pressing that neediness.

They were busy.

And all the marketing automation and chatbot solutions I provide can also be an answer for the busy. Not just the needy.

Needy clients are slim on cash.

Busy clients are slim on time.

Summary: For people like me who bring both automation and conversion solutions… “busy” could be a better qualifier.. then “needing” more leads or business.

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