How to Sustain Motivation and Drive After the Excitement Wears Off?

Recently people have been asking me about motivation.

Prompted to make life changes but concerned by the limitedness of their motivation…

This is a real problem.

Here’s my best suggestion.

How can we sustain motivation and drive after the excitement wears off?

This concern understandable, however those who succeed don’t rely on their feelings.

Some have a reason… or a “why” that goes beyond the cycles of emotions.

Others use discipline only to kickstart meaningful behavior until the action becomes a habit. ( Because habits require little to no discipline… this is something we can all apply! )

If you want a sustained change you need to make it a habit.

Then pair the habit with accountability, and you’re far more likely to get there!

don’t go at it alone!

Commit to a mastermind or coach or accountability partner to help you sustain your habit.

Set your ultimate goal, but focus daily on just one specific action.

Eventually, doing that action will be routine and turn into super power!

We do not choose our future. We choose our habits, and our habits create our future.”

Create a Great Day!

Arvell Craig

Arvell Craig is a marketing guy, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, author, etc. @