RTA 902: Blog Post #1

In regards to my political standing, I would say that I situate myself in a neutral position in which I have a balance of biases from both sides of the political spectrum. That being said, I would often lean towards some of the viewpoints of the liberals which specifically define me as left-center. I decided to explore more of the conservative news outlets and find out the range of topics that are covered and how they’re conveyed. I decided to look into Fox News as it’s been reported that 40% of Trump’s supporters originated from there and a multitude of his viewpoints clash with my own perspective. Within this news outlet, stories that included the president showed less criticism that I had anticipated and rather highlights his plans and future endeavours for the country. Taking into consideration the news story “In Nevada, Trump says Democrats want to turn US into Venezuela”, it depicted the president ensuring the audience that he has a solution regarding the illegal immigration situation. The article further went to discuss how Trump elaborated on the possible consequences of immigration policies should the democratic party win the next election. It’s important to note that the video accompanied with the news article enhanced the sense of community that is in support of Trump. To add to the subject Donald Trump’s rallies, another video was published on Fox news showcasing the event that was held in Montana. In the same vein, the video depicted the immigration policies in which Trump accentuates the Democrats’ refusal to implement any kind of border security.

Upon exploring the news outlet further, the majority of stories revolving around the US presidency are Pro-Trump. Other video clips posted on the news outlet included television and radio hosts that were primarily right wing. An example would be the videoclip entitled “Trump vs. Obama: Who has the bigger influence in Nevada?” which entailed an interview between Fox News and radio host Allan Stock. When being asked which politician has the greater influence, he went on to advocate the tremendous speakership of Trump and his 16–18 thousand supporters. A peculiar point brought up regarding the level of organization of both wings were brought up in which Stock stated that the left wing was much more organized than the right wing. When asked for the reason, he simply stated that the right wing is caught up working which means that they have less time to be part of a “mob”. This is a term that has been used a multitude of times by Donald Trump in his rallies when referencing the other party. By watching the video, it was clear in the way he views the left wing and his description of Donald Trump that he resides within the right wing. With this in mind, he later tells the reporter that he identifies as a part of the right wing.

When analyzing the content showcased by Fox News, more specifically in regards to politics, there is a consistent theme of promoting the right wing while degrading the left. Bringing attention to the last video describe with Alan Stock, I think it’s very ignorant to equate the organization of the left wing essentially as a group that does not value education and work ethic as much as the right. It’s fair to say that both parties have acted in a so called “mob” like fashion but to undermine the opposing party of acting in this manner and relinquish the same behaviour on the right wing is not admissible. The left wing does in fact consist of people within the work industry in conjunction with many colleges and universities that house a primary liberal student population. The ability for the well organized functionality of the left wing parties should be praised rather than used as a factor used to compensate for the lacking organization in the opposing wing. It is interesting to note that many of the articles that are showcased cover topics that are of primary concern to the right wing.

Even when paying attention to the type of breaking news that were being showcased, the majority of the stories were highlighting issues regarding the elections and the occurring midterms. Using this outlet as my news source for 48 hours heightened the importance of American politics for me. I remember reading an article regarding Asian-American discrimination involving Harvard University and their ways of accepting students. Upon scrolling through the story, the article’s media quickly changed to another video clip showcasing a different story. This is an example on how their breaking news operates in which showcases news content regardless of the news category you’re in. The video that was displayed depicted an ANTIFA protester harassing a 9/11 widow. A story in relation to this one also depicted a protestor at a diner acting unpleasantly to Republican Mitch McConnell. Common to both of these stories displayed the inhuman behaviour of the democrats and the calm and respectful response displayed by the right wing. It seems that priorities of Fox News is to showcase content that will impede the audience’s perspective towards the left wing while trying to gain sympathy for the right. For me personally, being bombarded with all these depictions of the left wing acting in a negative manner towards members of the opposing party incited me to question the true characteristics of the democrats. Although knowing that the news is skewed towards the conservative end, it’s still quite difficult to see members of an organization that you identify with acting in a disrespectful manner. Of course, it is important to note with media coverage as a whole, that it is considered a marketing tool. A common ploy of the industry is elevating a particular product or situation to an entirely different standard. While the behaviour of these democrats should not be ignored, it should not be used as evidence to generalize an entire organization. The way in which the news outlet operates its breaking news functionality in cohesion with this notion is a factor to consider on how 40% of right wing supporters originate from Fox News. Utilizing this outlet for the basis of information for the opposing party will deter individuals who are not aware of the position of where Fox News resides on the political spectrum.

While my viewpoint still resides within the neutral stance with a leniency towards the left wing, the topics that have been brought up through this conservative wing and the reasoning behind some of their values are justifiable. A lot of the times, especially in the society that is constructed today, everyone is expected to pick a side. Neutrality is a position in which you’re able to take the values from both sides of the wing create a foundation that makes sense to the individual. Debates and deliberations between parties often come from a place of opposition rather than from a place of understanding. From what I have witnessed from the videos and articles displayed by Fox News is that they often bluntly shut down the values of the other wing rather than comprehensively dissecting the main parts of the issues at hand and advocating why their approach is far superior. Having said that, the information that was provided regarding their stance helped me to better understand their mindset. Many of the issues at hand, especially in regards to the immigration policies that were spoken of brought up valid points. Although I could comment that their delivery in regards to speaking about the left wing may have been excessive, the overall argument was present. There are prevalent issues for job availability in the country in which the country’s citizens are finding difficulty to strive. The large number of additional illegal immigrants adds to the challenge of finding readily available jobs. With this in mind, it is important to note that the right wing is focusing combating the issues resulting from illegal immigration. In actuality it seems unfair to other individuals who are trying to sponsor their families or immigrate according to the system that has been established. I also understand the safety concerns in regards to not knowing exactly who is entering the country which may be detrimental to the well-being of the countries citizens. However, it’s hard to imagine to have to deport the massive number of immigrants that reside in America as a result of documentation issues. This experience has taught me that there are a number of factors to consider when consuming information from these news outlets. During the 48 hours, I took it as a time to not exactly pinpoint areas where I can oppose their value but rather try to understand their beliefs and why they’re valued. While these outlets are sources in which you can utilize to understand the opposing political groups, it’s always important to consider the values of both sides and make you own conclusion based on your personal values.