Arvin Relleve
Nov 19, 2018 · 7 min read

RTA 902: Blog Post #2

The Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, has amassed a widespread audience through their numerous productions of television series, films and music. Disney’s signature elements from their movies include a plethora of princesses, animals, and the theme of magic which are reproduced in their methods of marketing their company. Many of these elements recur in their social media accounts and are applied to different campaigns, promotions and current events. Their following is supported through the widely popular characters depicted in their films and has been a hot topic in popular culture.

In regards to their twitter account, Disney has garnered a total of 5.89 million followers as of November 2018. The social media platform likes to insert inspirational tweets that are from their well recognized films. Doing so helps their advertising not come across as merely promotional material, but rather as motivation for the audience in their daily life. Another prevalent occurrence in their tweets is their portrayal of Mickey as real person and user of the social media platform.

Mickey taking a selfie

In this example, Mickey is seen taking a selfie backstage before his opening number of Mickey’s 90th Spectacular. Conducting this platform in this manner breaks down the idea of a large corporation pulling the strings from behind the seen. With their targeted demographic primarily consisting of children to young adolescents, it’s imperative that the platform doesn’t come across as too serious to which it’s only interpreted as a medium for marketing business ventures. Showcasing a more playful manner with their brand will help increase communication between followers and instigate conversations. Having said that, Disney also ensures that they promote their upcoming films with short clips and exclusive interviews from actors. Additionally they incorporate countdowns weekly to garner attention to the premiere dates. Taking into consideration the premiere for Wreck it Ralph 2, various videos and short animation clips depicting the time frame were posted. In the account’s ‘likes tabs’, you can see that they like content from their branching accounts in conjunction with companies that they are commonly affiliated with. These accounts include Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios, and Star Wars. Additional content that Disney actively likes are tweets of actors that star in their films.

In regards to Disney’s youtube channel, this particular platform offers exclusive original content. There are a multitude of channels that Disney has created, each serving a specific purpose. Their main channel contains a multitude of animated episodic series in conjunction with videos inspiring youth. Considering that youtube’s platform is situated within sharing video content, it would not be wise to post their films on an easily accessed platform. Having shot animated episodes is suitable for providing entertainment along with promoting the more upscaled production of the series.

Episodic Animations

Additionally, Disney’s main youtube channel comprises of videos portraying young adolescents and their aspirations in their future development. In this particular content, Disney strategically showcases youth that identify with their own signature characters. Taking into consideration this video regarding a student leader at her school. She reflects her own personal values and skills to that of Elena. She admires her leadership qualities and her interpersonal skills in solving problems.

This translates to the girl’s ambition in aspiring to be a world leader one day. A variety of these types of videos are posted occasionally to give recognition to their “Dream Big Princess” campaign which inspires girls to achieve great things as they transition into young adults. Other content that is exclusive to their youtube platform is their beauty and style channel.

Examples of content from DisneyStyle

As Disney’s art design and characters are popular amongst their audience, it would be intelligent to dedicate a channel that allows people to recreate their looks in real life. This channel also serves to market their own merchandise that they sell by implementing kids wearing their fashion in relation to seasonal trends.

Disney’s Instagram account accumulates to a total of 12.8 million followers. The content published on this platform is similar to the content on their twitter but with a focus on visual media. This social media platform further categorizes their content through the use of highlights. Their highlights are currently divided into Movies, Shop, News and Parks. Disney’s movie highlights showcases upcoming movies along with their associated trailers. These trailers are implemented through their swipe-up feature available on Instagram stories. Incorporating this function provides optimal convenience for their followers, having all the desired content in one place. Their Shop highlights provides information on various products on sale in conjunction with the swipe-up feature that leads them to Disney’s official website, displaying the selected product’s price and options going forward. Next is their news highlights which display any important information regarding various upcoming events that are coming up. Examples include the Disney Expos, the milestone event of Mickey’s 90th Spectacular, and of course their famous amusement parks. This leads to their next set of highlights which focuses on their Disney World theme parks. In this section, Disney shows various images in their parks alongside upcoming extensions that are being planned for construction. This highlight also serves as a guide for the theme park. Disney’s first story in their parks’s highlights open with the statement “Tap to Tour”, allowing followers to get a glimpse of the attractions located in the park.

Knowing your audience is imperative in determining the type of content that should be posted on your social media account. Disney’s Instagram profile has done a proper job in outlining the key elements of their company, ensuring that their services and products are known while still promoting their upcoming films. The videos that are posted don’t come across merely as ‘ads’ but rather as content that helps create the story of the brand. With this in mind, Disney puts out content consistently and may posts multiple times throughout the day.

Amongst all of Disney’s social media platforms, Facebook has amassed the largest following with a total of 51 million likes. The format of the platform remains the same, posting several of the same content on their instagram and twitter profiles. Facebook’s utility in pinning posts allows them to display content without it getting lost in the rest of their feed. An example in which they use this function is pining trailers of upcoming movies. This ensures that viewers of their account will always be up to date with new films and their associated release date when they first open the page.

A key factor regarding the longevity of their social media presence is their consistency. Although each platform may vary in functionality, Disney ensures that their content is consistent and are posted in a timely manner. Updating their audience on a daily basis will inform their audience that they are active. With multiple posts occurring throughout the day, the chances for their audience to see their content on their feed will increase. Their curation plan often includes an emphasis on visuals, which is suitable for the industry that they’re apart of.

In a variety of their posts, they are mindful of building a sense of community and utilize that community as marketing content for their brand. A recent post on their twitter and facebook accounts showcases one of their super fans, Patricia Jenkins along with GMA host Ginger Zee exploring Disneyland in Tokyo. The video depicts their day alongside with illustrating numerous attractions in the theme park. This content serves as both giving back to the community in conjunction with promoting their international branches. Thus, Disney is able to maintain their theme of community and grain traction for future family oriented expeditions.

In comparison to other brands in the Industry, Disney has been consistent in posting content on a daily basis across multiple platforms. They have also utilized each social media account to cater ideas in which they can incorporate multiple facets of their brand in their daily life. Disney doesn’t merely showcase products that people buy into, but rather a lifestyle. The company has utilized entertainment as the foundation of the brand and has branched off to implement the stories that generate interests, inspiration, and values in their audience. Disney however can work on engaging more with their ordinary audience. A majority of their reposts and likes are from celebrities who star in their movies or other branching accounts that are affiliated with them. Communicating to other accounts who don’t possess a huge following through commenting and likes will further break down the barrier between the company and their followers.