You don’t exist, in actual fact

There is nothing as weird as knowing that you don’t exist as you think you do. And then how you do is too queer to even start to fathom

This one is about the first part that you don’t exist as you think you do.

So how do you know you exist. Notice the key word is know which means you have to cognise you existence through knowledge. Knowledge comes from using senses to classify the world and people around us with material things to abstract things and then having ideas about them that we feel in our heart and in our mind. Sounds a bit too much. Simply catch yourself at any point by surprise. And ask what you were thinking or feeling.

Without an exception, you will be thinking of a person or a thing or in odd case some abstract idea like this one. And from this feeling pleasant or at pain or neither, but will soon veer to positive or negative feeling.

But whatever your case you need to think of what you know from the past to project into the present now. In other words if you had no memory you can’t think . An amnesia technically causes an erasure of self.

So if you depend on knowledge you depend on past. If you depend on past, you are not really in present. That leads to the conclusion;

If you aren’t in present. You don’t exist.

Yet even without thinking or feeling, tho that lasts really short, you sense you do exist.

So how do we exist really?

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