Have You Ever stopped suddenly at the work? Because of the automatic negative thoughts or Some Negative thoughts or emotions

Watch more About Automatic negative Thoughts Here

When you start giving more focus or spending more time thinking about these distractions patterns of thoughts. You start to feel misery and not pleasant about working or mindset

That leads to complaining(more about complaining here), panic, or worry that and that leads to making mistakes or not enjoying or not feeling well

So that problem can be solved by more attention or involvement in the job or even by listening to music you can shift the attention to some good so you don’t feel that unpleasant feeling while working



Why Make Money Slow?

Its Is An Idea that is popular from an early age that it will take time to make money And it’s not true

It is a popular idea in the industrial age by the bad capitalist to give low wages to workers(there are much more false ideas know more about this type of false idea in our society Follow )

So that you can work your entire life for them with low wages

often times people think mistakenly about taking time to develop a skill Vs earning money

Maybe developing a skill may take time depending upon your approaches (to Learn your skill fast watch Tim ferries Accelerated learning)

But With the advancement of technology and with the right knowledge you can make money as fast as possible (more on making money later kindly follow to get updated)