Things You Need to Know About RO System Before Buying

No need to compromise on your health by drinking poor quality water. Use this buying guide to invest in good quality RO system.

Did you know that water borne diseases in India are rampant but completely avoidable? We all know that water from the taps in India are not drinkable and the most common method of purification is boiling. However, boiling alone will not kill the contaminants in drinking water. It has been reported time and again that clean drinking water is highly scarce in India and the need to take water purification seriously is now more than ever!

Water is highly essential for the body as it contains essential minerals and vitamins that are required by the body. However, due to its solvent nature, it also dissolves harmful impurities such as lead, dirt, germs etc., which when consumed by humans in excess can have very dangerous impact on their health. This is the reason we need good water purification system so that we can eliminate the harmful impurities, while retaining its essential properties.

RO system or reverse osmosis method of water purification is being used by many urban households to purify water in their homes. However, there are still people who use the traditional methods. But if you are looking to buy the best RO system, you need to consider the following things to make the right choice.

Before you get home a new RO system, take time to understand the kind of water supply you get in the area you live in. If you have salty water supply or use underground water for daily activities, then RO systems are your best bet for purification purposes. The membrane present in RO can flush out even the minutest impurities and also get rid of all external flavour.

RO systems operate using electricity so if you have issues of power outage, then you may want to consider alternate methods of water purification. There are several other non-electric devices such as activated carbon water purifier that can easily meet your purification needs if you have power cuts or when you are traveling to remote parts of the country where filtered water is unavailable.

With the growing popularity of RO systems, you can invest in new age devices that offer power cut facility and automatic storage option. You can fill up the water filter and use it until next refill. There are many systems that come with storage options. You may check those before you buy, based on your needs.

Since RO needs water pressure to work optimally, you must install it in a tap that gets water supply with high pressure. Otherwise, you can also use water pump to amplify the pressure.

Tap water in India is not of drinkable quality and must be purified before consumption. Nearly every household qualifies as a candidate for RO system. If you want to determine the quality of water that your house gets, you can also get it tested in numerous labs located in your city that can test the quality and give you a report.

RO systems are an economical and reliable way of purifying drinking water at your home. So, use these tips to upgrade your conventional filters to buy RO.

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