Distractions are good at work

This is not about the fulltime chatter boxes

At work, than always switching my windows to code and test and browse, I find it better and lively to spend sometime in interactions over the table, connect with the other project update, talk about the new gadget / fb post / YC news etc.

By doing and having these smaller distractions, it:

  1. Establishes saner thoughts,
  2. Enough break means good time to see the whole picture,
  3. Interactions with others are good way to refine,
  4. Discussions start at the table and ends in the quality of your work,
  5. We do more and we do them with better quality than earlier.

Lets talk about some better ways to get distracted rather than social media, news, stock.

  1. Networking is an important aspect for any developer. You don’t get this apart from doing a conscious effort initially,
  2. Talk to people around you,
  3. Take a 10 mins walk around the office for no reason,
  4. Play Table-Tennis, Foosball kind of games that involves people apart from you.
Restrict all these distractions to a limit, to a max of 15 mins.

Try practising pomodoro techniques, sometimes use that to check the tweets, read some blogs.

Use Pocket to save it for the next break. I use some notes app like Evernote to save the links, there are many times lesser tabs in my browser.

Distract yourself for a saner reason.