Why Zarget’s new office means a lot more?

The startup life throws a number of challenges your way, day in and day out. From the little sacrifices we make to the tough decisions we take, saying “No!” to things, and the long hours — they all take a toll on you. However, the toughest challenge is dealing with uncertainty!

Uncertainty comes in all forms — being unsure about your product, unresolved questions about business strategies, doubtful hires, debatable campaigns, customer drop-offs, funding and what not!

When you leave a well-paying job for pursuing your dreams, no matter how strong your conviction is, the negativity from everyone around you is bound to seep in. It sows the seed of uncertainty in your mind even if you put up a confident face for others to see.

Yesterday, Zarget moved into a new office. It took us a little over a year and a half to come all the way from a bootstrapped startup working out of an apartment in Adambakkam to becoming a VC-funded SaaS company moving into a Corporate work environment. From being backed by a handful of people, Zarget’s army is now 60 strong!

As we stepped into the new office, I got this sense of calmness as opposed to what I had imagined. There was no adrenaline rush or butterflies in the stomach. Instead, the uncertainty that has plagued me before had gone!

The journey still stretches ahead of us and the path is tough and dotted with challenges but the feeling of uncertainty has given way to a sense of belief, one that rests on the Zarget army that stands with me in this awesome journey.