We are the CREATE-ive

I spent some time at East Coast yesterday after a whole day of lazing around at home. It was indeed the break I needed after 4 long days of work.

I did not spend the afternoon wisely, so I felt I have been wasting the afternoon. Sure, I spent a great amount of time watching documentaries, but really one is enough. I do not remember much about the other two documentaries about brain and confidence. But I love the first one that I watch. It was about Evelyn Glennie, a percussionist who is deaf. Instead of leaving her art, she used her body to listen instead. To me, that is amazing. She feels music. I can feel music too as it travel through my body.

So I went to East Coast with this new revelation, a fresh look at the way I play music and listen to music. And as I walked, I also notice the freedom that music gives to me: I can sing, shout, make noises.

So as I did that, I also remember another thing that she said about being one with the instrument. For a vocalist like me, it means that my whole body has to be a connected, congruent whole. Indeed, singing is an exercise in whole body coordination, from the diaphragm, the support muscles, the cavities in our body, and out to the surrounding. There’s vibrations created within our body, and not just mouth. The body acts as a resonator, and different person has a unique set. How amazing that no one has the exact same voice as us.

At East Coast, I chose an empty breakwater. That became my stage. I sang freely, listening and feeling the sensations in my body as I sang. It was a great time of taking care of my body and my voice. The sound comes out freely, and when I am in tune with the sound, I can channel more energy and focus on the right resonators to create the particular note more fully.

I realised that I can do more than sing. So I started dancing as well. I was lost in the moment. I did not care about people watching me. I know that the place was secluded enough. And as I moved with confidence, I know that even if people see me, they see a slightly crazy person who really can dance.

I do not mind that. I am starting to find out that as a human being, I want to accept my idiosyncrasies. It is fine to be different.

And once you accept that, you realise that you are not alone. There are many other who have suppressed themselves. And there are those who decided not to.

We are the creatives. We shall CREATE with confidence.