Some Tips To Style Up The Wedlock- The Top Table Wedding Layout

Wedding Venues- Planning the interior

The specific layout of the venue for your wedding gathering will no doubt lean on its dimensions; however, having a floor plan for the event lessens the fluster and chaos amongst the invitees. A popular plan these days constitutes a top table or a head table for the main wedding party or reception accompanied by a series of round tables for the remaining guests.

A round table is an impressive choice for a wedding seating plan when the capacity of the wedding reception venue is your first priority. Aesthetically pleasing, they create a lot of room for the guests to roam freely, and most importantly, a round table emphasizes on the friendly intimacy amidst all.

You may wonder — arrangement is surely an easy task! But, on the contrary arranging the interior of the wedding event venue utilizing the space and ensuring comfort to everyone is one of the most complex tasks to do.

Top Table:

Conventionally, wedding tradition suggests that top table wedding layout perfectly embraces the presence of the bride, the groom, both the sets of biological parents, the best man and the chief bridesmaid; groom would be seated on the right of the bride, with the bride’s mother to his right, followed by the groom’s father and the chief bridesmaid. To the left of the bride would be her father, followed by the groom’s mother and finally, the best man.

Yet convention is never a compulsion and the top table wedding decorations and seating plan may vary with family’s priorities, especially when there has been a separation or death in the family. If relations are amicable, then this may not be a problem.

On the basis of your wedding reception venue’s dimensions, you may even wish to have an extended top table that includes partners and stepparents. If this is not the case, it’s usually a good idea to keep new relatives as close to the top table as possible to avoid any hurt feelings. It is also not uncommon these days for the groom to have two best men. If this is the case, consider appointing two bridesmaids for the top table to keep the male to female ratio even.

Once your top table is decided upon, you can arrange your remaining guests in the best way possible, keeping in mind that members of your immediate family should be seated near the top table, as should your closest friends.

Happy Wedding!

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