Racism in the United Kingdom

Even though the British puts a barve face in front of an evil called racism, for the non-white minorities it has become an inescapable way of life.They constitute more than 7 % of total population and when such a large portion of your citizens are denied of basic rights to live a free life, serious questions would be raised at the establishment which roots for better living for all.Statistics cut a sorry figure of the UK demographics which makes racism an issue worth having a discussion on.

Institutional Racism in Practice and its Implications

After the publication of the Macpherson Report, Paul Cordon,the Commisioner of Metropolitan police accepted that institutional rasicm do exist inpractice.But others were quick in denying the fact.Over several years this has been a subject to debate and police srrvices in Britain has always been scrutanised by the public for its racist actions.

The term Institutional racism has been streached a bit too far in terms analysis covering the structural processes of level formation,predujdices of individuals and institutions.Thus racism has been analysed based on outcomes rather than identifying and removing the root causes of invidual attitudes by stricter actions.

British policing has been known for its Stop and search policy, the power to stop and search any individual on the basis of suspection according to Police and Criminal evidence Act 1984.This gives an opportunity for the police to act in a partial manner.Statistics have shown that this Act have been used to the advantage of a group who acts in a discriminatory manner. (Young, 2004) But according to the reports Home office claims that disparities against minorities have stopped altogether.Thus in public eye Stop and Search have been used as an acid test for the equality in the enforcement agencies.

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The probability that two people chosen at random will be from different ethnic groups

The table above shows how policing have been partial towards the minority group.The statistics suggests that eventhough the ethnic population have increased in large numbers there is n’t enough representation of them in higher echleons of power and number of crimes have been increasing and at the same time Stop searches have been targeted specifically against the ethnic groups (Miller, J. G., 1996).

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