Change Is The Only Constant

This bit of advice has resonated with me for a long time now. My last boss always told our team this at meetings, and I’ve always tried to embrace that as my mantra. I see the strong leaders I look up to as unmovable rocks, maintaining composure in a river of turmoil. So what do you do when that river decides to turn into a waterfall? At what point do I go with that flow, or plant my feet and say NO, “I’m not moving!”

I guess to be more direct…

What’s the first thing you do when someone takes your job away?

OK, I may have exaggerated a bit just now. My job wasn’t technically taken away, but rather pushed somewhere else…Vegas, specifically. Left with the ultimatum of choosing between the Bay Area and Vegas, well, you can guess which I went for.

So I did a little bit of soul searching after being laid off. After a few days of cringing at entry-level postings, I came to the realization: I don’t want the life that I had. The role I had previously was in customer support: you know, a lot of helping people that really forced you to question what being alive was all about. These types of jobs, where you’re forced to forego your own opinions for some undeserving asshole. This was all I have ever really knew.

Anyone that knows anything about the tech industry know that when a company scales, layoffs are a natural part of the process. I recognized this and accepted that if change is going to be the only consistent factor, then I may as let it happen uncontested.

If one good thing had to be dug from this pile of shit that is unemployment, it’s that it’s giving me a lot of time to look inward and reassess my career path. Then, I did the thing and gave myself a new goal:

Let’s change careers while you have no idea what you’re doing!

Career changes are always scary. I mean, this is only the second time I’m doing this. To cope, I have been looking up a lot of inspirational quotes. You know, drown out the self-doubt with the words of wiser people.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing [them]self.” — Leo Tolstoy

I’ve been going through all the tutorial videos that the internet and all the tutorial goodness it has to offer (Gary Vaynerchuck said that school is a waste of money and time, so I’m taking that as gospel). On that note, I suppose it wasn’t until I discovered marketing thought leaders and influencers like Gary Vee that I started to understand just how powerful marketing is.

So I guess that’s where I’m at now. I spent about 40+ hours Googling and watching instructional videos and decided that I want to pursue digital marketing as a career! Currently, my days consist of using this my fun’employment to absorb content, knowledge, and testimonials of intelligent people to ready myself for whatever the hell comes next.

I know I can’t be the only one that goes through these unexpected career shifts. If anyone ever reads this, my question to you is this: If you’ve ever decided to change careers suddenly, how did you go about doing it?

If you’ve got any advice for a special snowflake millennial like me, feel free to comment! Or send more another inspirational quote — can’t get enough of those.