I’m sitting here with my Mac designing a 3D model on Blender for my upcoming Face Effect on Lens Studio and I started thinking on how to create Augmented Reality filters for brands on Instagram & Snapchat.

One of the most frequently asked questions among creators is how to work with brands for augmented reality filters on Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Being a creator myself and working with multiple brands for the past 2 years, I have somewhat a deeper knowledge on this.You can start creating Instagram or Snapchat filters for brands by leveraging on their pre-existing marketing campaigns that…


AR has been the hot issue for a while now. More than the creation part of it, many still aren’t sure on how AR can be applied to your marketing campaigns.

First of all, how many of you hopped on the e-commerce train recently or have been in the game for a while?

If you look at the e-commerce trend, well honestly, it’s predicted to skyrocket by 2021.

But then again, if everyone’s buying online, what happens to personalization?

How can you give a person the security of it being the same as them buying it from the store?


Instagram released SparkAR for windows last year. Finally!

I started experimenting on the platform starting last August. After mastering Lens Studio by Snapchat, Instagram’s Spark AR was not all that different.

For those of you who are just starting out, here’s how Spark AR works and this is how you can create a filter in 10 steps!

Spark AR is a software created by Facebook to allow creators to create AR experiences and host it on Instagram

It’s a free software and you download it from the link below.

Done? Awesome!

So once you’re done installing it, log into spark…

AR with Renu

I love expressing myself through AR.Check for our work here : https://www.exartist.com/

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