LoL: Winning more by abusing of utility on Competitive Matches

OBS: This is a repost of my old blog on wordpress.

On my first post about my DDMT, I showed you the 7 utilities of every champion that I’ve chosen to start my Proof of Concept, and what I wanted to prove was:

  • Is Utility vital to gain more Competitive Matches?
  • Is It possible to ‘foresee results just by their Drafts?
  • Is Utility more important than composition combos?

I started my analysis by giving grades to each chosen category, so I decided to grade them all with the same weight because I consider that those utilities are all complementary. The grades are always 1 or 0 (one or zero), totalizing 7 If the champion had all the attributes on kit (Ekko was the only one to get there).

Note: If you feel like looking at the source of all this data, PM me on Twitterand I’ll grant you access (:


All attributes can be considered immutable because they won’t change unless the champion gets a rework, so any new Patch won’t result in big changes to possible analysis. A perfect composition would get ‘up to’ 35 points (not possible, since only Ekko got all 7), so I started by getting the games of 2015 League of Legends World Championship and I had some awesome results that I’ll share with you shortly, but now the ‘highest‘ DDMT scores on the Worlds :

Fnatic vs Cloud9
Cloud9 vs Invictus Gaming
ahq vs Fanatic

Group Stage:

In this part of the Worlds I was expecting a real mess, I’ll explain to you: when teams are playing in their own region the matches are much more balanced because they are really used to play against each other.When It comes to Worlds, every region has
It’s own particularities and then teams that are more focused on strategy and that has some what more skilled players tend to win, even If the matchup is not ideal.

After this really long paragraph, I present you the results of each team after Group Stage:

Green means that the team passed through groups

We can notice that not necessarily higher average points led them to pass through this stage, but when It came to finding out who was going to win in a game by game analysis, the DDMT scored 50% of games (in 50% of the Group Stage games, the team that had more points left the Rift as a winner).

Knockout Stage

Here is where we change how things are done. In the series, the teams that had more points won 66,7% of the series!

Knockout Stage Series average of points

Just to let you know how each game analysis was made, here is the points & full score of the final KOO vs SKT, where DDMT just scored the winner in 66,7% of the games:

1 point margin to drafts made inconsiderate game 3— yellow means winner

This way It was proven that the DDMT was able to foresee with precision how high skilled matches in Competitive would end up and that Utility Orientated Drafts (UOD — save this name!) won more games than other Drafts.

Now imagine with me If you could get into a match knowing that just by your champions you got a much hier % of winning than the other team? Sure that the games are played inside Summoners Rift BUT they start by Drafting and It really changes how you can play, win or loose!

I’ve also done analysis about other International Championships and would love to share here soon! Thanks If you got this far, I really appreciate your effort and I’d love to hear your feedback about writing, content & analysis!

Thanks for your attention! Cy@ Twitter!