Wandering Thoughts on Code and Art

I have a muse that wants a voice.

As a web engineer (full time), filmmaker (infrequent), and musician/composer (a different muse altogether), I’ve long thought about the marriage of code and art. This is an itch I’ve scratched on a regular basis, but mostly in my mind, curious ideas bouncing around like free radicals in cerebral soup.

I put off writing them down for various reasons. There’s too much to say. My thoughts are abstract and difficult to explain. I’ll never have enough time. I’m more artist than engineer! 😁 etc., etc.

James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s controversial “Nocturne in Black and Gold — The Falling Rocket,” c. 1875

But I think I’ve contrived a way to give myself the space and freedom to write out ideas, beyond just the habit of sitting down. This includes keeping things short and setting manageable weekly writing goals.

I’m giving myself a small challenge to write short essays exploring various aspects of my own internal cosmology—the way the world appears to work from my humble 😁 point of view, as well as glimpses of undiscovered frontiers some of us sometimes seem to catch.

I’ll kick things off with an idea I keep saying, roughly: Data is a Medium.