Why my first drafts have always sat in the drafts folder

Anjali Arya
Mar 7, 2018 · 3 min read

Recently I read a medium article by Barry Davret called “How I Published a New Article on Medium for 71 Straight Days…”.
Now for someone who doesn’t feel confident in their writing, this article really inspired me to step out of my comfort zone and share my stories to find my voice.

So what better way to reach ultimate levels of anxiety than to take on the #BarryDavertChallenge and deciding to write an article each day to share my journey.

Here it goes…

Last night after I read article I said to myself, “Hey if others just like me can do it, why can’t I?”.

Why I struggle to write creatively

I come from an academic, solely writing lab reports type of background so it was always hard for me to find a more personable approach. Barry’s idea really spoke to me.

My process for writing has always followed the scientific method.
Step 1: Start with a topic
Step 2: Do your research
Step 3: Hypothesize (pick an angle)
Step 4: Write your intro, your three main points in paragraphs and a conclusion.
And boom you are done.

Now that I’m an adult and well should be writing like an adult, I always find myself stuck at the idealization phase. What will I talk about? How will I convince my readers? What’s my tie? What’s my hook? etc.

Simplifying Writing

Barry’s method makes writing similar to a conversation. It’s as if he took the Kaizen approach to finding ways to improve writing. In his article, he introduces us to the PELT method.
Personal Event + Lesson + Tie In

Wow! So easy right? Well he makes us believe that yes it is easy.
Idea generation is the hardest part (at least for me) when it comes to writing. By using personal events as stories, we are already a third of the way there.

Pledging to the #52-Week Writing Challenge

Tonight, as I feel inspired (or it could also be the wine), I’m deciding to take on the #52-Week Writing Challenge in hopes to overcome my fear of writing creatively. Maybe first drafts will actually get to see the limelight on medium once a week if not once a day.

Every day I will take 30 minutes to write a new article and share with you all.

I will be honest, I’ve already started my cheat list of ideas.

My Cheat List of Ideas

I like to be prepared for any challenge I’m about to accept. Between you and I, checklists are my “THANG”. I really want to hold myself accountable to the promise I’m making to well…myself. So what better way to start than a checklist of ideas to talk to you all about.

Here is what you can look forward to ready about in the next few days… or weeks:

  • Do we really need more meetings only to talk about booking another meeting?
  • What’s the buzz around work-life balance?
  • My phone-addiction should probably land me on an episode of intervention
  • Making a list and checking it twice
  • What makes healthcare attractive?
  • How to…EXCEL (use it efficiently that is)

and more…

Follow along with my journey to see how I progress, provide feedback, share ideas or just simply cheer me on for next week :)

Anjali Arya is a Product Marketer at RL Solutions and a budding Medium blogger from Toronto, Canada. Have something interesting to share? or just curious about her work, follow her on LinkedIn, Medium and Twitter and start a conversation!

Anjali Arya

Written by

Product Marketer @RLSolutions. A “Curious Georgette” interested in tech, service design, product marketing and problem solving.

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