The corners — my space

The last building around the corner in the colony, the room right after the hall, closest to the kitchen, there lies a cot, closed to almost hugging the wall and as I was the youngest at home, I was supposed to sleep to the wall side, which I was insecure for in the begining, but which became my comfort spot at night and in the whole house, and also the reason for my all the time close relation with walls wherever I went.

Nobody knew except the wall and me that, we shared all the tiny aspects of life which when was unimportant at home, became important only to you! 
I remember the times I have cried to you,the times i fought with my sister, the times i failed miserably and all the other times, you have listened with all the patience and you stood by me for 12 long years. You have put me in such a comfort zone that any place I go, I go close to the walls to feel your presence but have found none like you. 
24th July 2014, we left you but leaving small carvings as memories and I still search in every corners but I must say at the end of a tiring day, they do give me my space. 😃

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