A glimpse of rivetz

Rivetz is a business that is building an Attestation and Global Identity Network, supported by Rivetz Token (RvT), in order to improve the security of the devices we rely on. Where we know, the loss of cyber crime increases 24 percent in 2016 to more than US $ 1.33 billion1, The increase in cybersecurity costs reflects the failure of the security field to offer a

The solution is simple enough to guarantee industry and government adoption, and it is quite safe to protect our most valuable secrets and data.

By simply increasing spending without changing the way we think about modern security is not enough. The thing that makes it easier for unauthenticated users to investigate and hack the system is the network perimeter. Existing tools: firewall, virtual private network and password all assume that the edge of the network

Rivetz is developing technology that will push the edge of security to the screen of the device. The Global Attestation and Identity Network is intended to record and verify the health and integrity of the device using an RvT and blockchain technology. This new service builds on the last three years of work by Rivetz in creating the platform and tools to simplify a developer’s access to the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), a dedicated and impenetrable hardware platform that exists in every device.

Protecting data created and consumed by devices is an ever-growing challenge. Estimates peg the number of Internet of Things (IoT) devices to exceed 200 billion by 2020.2 IoT devices are the foundational layer, where data is created. The IoT industry assumes you can trust the data from the device, but in most cases, this is not true. Rivetz, working with TEE, will create the much-needed trust. The mobile devices of today are essential to decentralized data processing, but that processing can be easily corrupted. By focusing on the device identity, continuously measuring the state of the device, and enabling a new token based business model, Rivetz is constructing a new decentralized approach to cybersecurity and transaction assurance. The Rivetz solution for the Global Attestation and Identity Network is built on a foundation of combining two global technologies. The first is the investment by industry of billions of dollars in trusted computing and global platform standards and the billions of devices that have been delivered with these capabilities embedded. The second is the revolutionary technology of blockchain that provides the decentralized key management, immutable storage and micropayments on a decentralized basis.

Rivetz seeks to combine these two technologies to demonstrate that provable cybersecurity controls are required to improve the quality, value and trust of data processed, shared and stored on the internet. Equally important, the Rivetz solution is intended to provide the economic model for devices to securely request and securely pay providers or other devices for health and integrity services. The Rivetz solution takes advantage of the TEE, which provides Rivetz with an isolated execution environment within the main processor to execute code that cannot be observed or altered by the operating system. This vault on the processor enables Rivetz to store and process sensitive data, and assure that policy and controls are executed as expected. The TEE is a measured environment that can be verified and proven to be operating in a reference condition. TEE capabilities have been available on both ARM and Intel architecture processors world-wide for many years.

Rivetz intends to introduce the RvT, a cybersecurity token that is planned to enable the registration of devices and attest to their cybersecurity controls. The RvT is intended to be integral to delivering automated device-to-service or device-to-device payment for the consumption of the cybersecurity service and eventually other permissioned services.

Rivetz Background

Rivetz is a “first-mover” with patent pending cybersecurity services and capabilities that leverage the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). By providing a vault to isolate and protect keys and encrypted material from apps, malware, users, and hackers, Rivetz is focused on providing a truly safe experience for accessing all digital services — maximizing the quality and value of the provider-to-subscriber relationship.

Rivetz has been building this technical foundations for 3 years and has existing contracts with the U.S.government. The technical models for attestation have been part of global standards from the European Union to OASIS to NIST for many years but the economic model has been missing to support this ecosystem. Rivetz’ leadership has been part of the governance in this industry for the last 20 years, driving the adoption of trusted computing hardware and developing the technology services and economic models to put trusted computing to work.

Rivetz’s existing platform provides a unique set of market-leading solutions that have already generated over a million dollars in recent contract awards. Rivetz’ services and solutions can be leveraged by application development partners and service provides to enhance the value of subscribers on their systems. The company has a strategic relationship with Trustonic, giving it access to over a billion devices already in the field. Rivetz has also initiated discussions with major, established technology companies to support their commercial TEE solutions and potentially add billions more of devices that can utilize the Company’s capabilities.

Rivetz has invested over 3 years in executing a well-thought-out and novel strategy to create the market and capitalize on this substantial opportunity. In Q1 2017 the company was awarded a US Government contract and in Q2 it was further awarded an SBIR contract by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and technology (S&T) directorate. By simplifying the user experience and assuring that information is delivered as intended, Rivetz’s solution could unlock new models and services and provide

value to users for years to come. Rivetz believes it has the short-term tactical plan to quickly engage customers to drive revenue, and the long-term vision to unlock the full potential of the technology which will produce a game changing market opportunity. One of the great challenges in trusted computing is providing the proof that the TEE is what it says it is.

The purpose of this paper and the launch of the RvT is to put the last 15 years and hundreds of millions of dollars of research to work by leveraging blockchain technology to prove the measured portions of a device have not been altered. Rivetz existing solutions and application enable protection of keys and protection for messages, and already provide a solid starter platform to deliver the real cyber security control attestation of the health and identity of the device that creates a secure message or instruction. The Rivetz solution contemplated with the RvT is further intended to provide cyber security based on math that can prove that measurements made have not changed over time. There are no silver bullets in cyber security, and everything is vulnerable, but these tools represent simple integrated cyber controls that.

Rivetz believes

are world-class and military grade.

A glimpse of rivetz

RvT Token Sale Details

200 MILLION TOKENS ISSUEDAvailable in Token…Incentivized Distrib…1/235%35%30%

Task Token Allocation

Available in Token Sale 70,000,000

Incentivized Distribution 60,000,000

Reserved for Future Use 70,000,000

Total token supply fixed at 200 Million (200,000,000) RvT, of which:

70M available in tokensale

60M promotional tokens used for approved marketing and incentive purposes

30,000,000 available

30,000,000 locked by smart contract for up to 1 year

70M reserved for future use.

10,000,000 now,

20,000,000 locked by smart contract 12 months

20,000,000 locked by smart contract 24 months

20,000,000 locked by smart contract 36 months

Tokens will be sold for ETH.

A Presale is available and will require a minimum purchase of 150ETH. For more information please contact presale@rivetzintl.com!

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