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What is Bitcomo

Bitcomo is a decentralized affiliate marketing network. The new paradigm provided by blockchain technology is ideal for online advertising, for it enables companies to better analyze the data collected from web users. This gives them the opportunity to precisely target audiences on a large scale at a much lower cost compared to traditional marketing tools.

The Bitcomo affiliate marketing CPA network is wholly performance-based. This means that advertisers pay only when they see results and internet marketers are rewarded for each visitor or customer acquired through their own marketing efforts. This method incentivizes and rewards publishers and advertisers alike.

Our goal is to create an affiliate marketing network which is completely impervious to ad fraud and payout problems. Bitcomo’s business model is anchored by blockchain technology and the immutable proof and transparency this provides. This ensures the security of each user’s data, whilst simplifying the interactions between them. Blockchain also eliminates unnecessary intermediaries between a company and its target audience. With less steps linking advertisers and their potential clients, companies can invest their advertising budget more wisely and profitably.

Part of the next generation of CPA networks, Bitcomo is designed to help businesses reduce their advertising costs while increasing their impact. Not only do we know how to use blockchain technology to its full potential, but we have developed an infrastructure that will make the process as smooth as possible for businesses. We have concluded that the fairest funding model for creating the Bitcom network is a crowdsale in the form of an ICO. This raises awareness and incentivizes as many individuals as possible to become a part of the Bitcomo community. Upon completion of the ICO, all purchased tokens can become a source of passive income. Alternatively, they can be spent on an advertising campaign or sold.


During the ICO phase, users will have the opportunity of investing in Bitcomo. We will use the Ethereum and Waves platforms. The launch of the ICO is scheduled for October 15, 2017 and it will run until November 29, 2017.

The initial value of the token will stand at $1 = 1BM. The value is based on minimum token values of other CPA networks throughout the world.

A bounty program will be offered for the first 20% of investors whose purchases will be increased by 20%. The bounty paid to the next 10% of investors will stand at 10%.

The minimum amount (soft cap) that we are seeking to raise at the ICO stage is $10,000,000 and the maximum amount (hard cap) is $30,000,000.

If the specified minimum is not raised, funds will be returned to investors.

Distribution of Funds

Development and organization of the network’s core resources — 50%

Security audits and information security — 10%

Managing legal issues — 10%

Hardware upgrades after alpha testing — 15%

Marketing — 15%

Rules for ICO:

  • Investments coming from crypto exchangers will not be accepted
  • Individuals can use Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptocurrencies to purchase tokens in the token store.
  • Investments are accepted strictly for the duration of the crowdsale period.

Bitcomo Roadmap

Our roadmap consists of a number of steps which will be reached as we progress towards fulfilling our long-term business plan. The first of these steps have already been made, with the CPA network close to functioning fully in Tier 1, 2 and 3 countries. Soon the token will be ready to be effectively used as currency in other advertising networks.

2016 4Q = Research phase

2017 1Q = Planning of business model and resources

2017 2Q = Team building

2017 3Q = Support and operations team building =Platform development started


- ICO marketing campaign planning

2017 4Q


- Development of smart contracts

- Start of pre-ICO

- Start of marketing campaign


- ICO runs for 30 days

- Increasing coverage of ICO marketing campaign

- Introducing BM Tokens to our partnership token market


- Start developing main platform

- Start of post-ICO atasks including adding BM tokens to trading platforms

2018 1Q


- Release of Bitcomo main platform — alpha test

- Collection of user feedback, requests and voting on features


- Closed alpha testing with chosen publishers and advertisers

- Modification of the self-serve platform

- Sales team development


- Beta testing closed

- Official release

- Increasing coverage of main marketing campaign

2018 2Q


- Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 1 Countries

- Start direct marketing campaign to acquire advertisers and grow publisher base


- Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 2 Countries

- Start participation on affiliate conferences


- Bitcomo network scaling on TIER 3 Countries

2018 3Q


Release of white label and franchise

System optimization and scaling

Bitcomo Party Conference for our affiliates, advertisers and publishers

2019 1Q

White label smart contract release



MYETHERWALLET ADDRESS : 0xAAdB2C462a98fB6c4Ddc055fa4A0baE6832076E1

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