I figured it had to happen eventually, but not like this. I honestly just forgot. I had a little routine every Monday, and that routine changed yesterday, so this article just slipped my mind.


Well, here is the article in all its belated glory. I got some stuff done last week; here’s the stuff:


  • Looked into the Sundance New Frontier Story Lab — submissions should be works in progress, which mine definitely would be if I submitted it. Applications are accepted Aug 23 — Oct 18, so maybe this could be a long-term goal?


  • Told myself I’d do this stuff tomorrow


  • Finished reading the article from last week and making note of all its contents. It was very useful to know where to find certain resources for the future.
  • Signed up for a Udemy course called Learn to Code by Making Games — Complete C# Unity Developer for a whopping $10 (it used to be $195 so I’m feeling pretty good) and did the first few intro videos.

8/11/17, 8/12/17

  • Told myself I’d definitely do it tomorrow


  • Did it tomorrow


  • Did Section 1 of the Udemy course — all things I already knew
  • Found this video of Dan Harmon explaining word for word what my problem is and how to fix it. It’s perfect and made me have a revelation, just like the rest of his work.

My main takeaway from the research I’ve done over these last few weeks is a little disconcerting:

  1. VR is a stagnating field: most people who were going to buy headsets have, and most people with headsets don’t use them that regularly. Perhaps a wireless headset will change things, but it seems like VR is already losing its grip on the mass population.
  2. AR is a growing field: given that it will work with existing smartphones, it is more accessible, applicable, and versatile. It can be used for many different activities, and next to it, VR is a limited, elitist wine bottle.

I’ve been disregarding AR as a partial/poser VR up until now, but I realize that AR is where it’s at. So, time for a shift in the journey’s path: I’ll start looking into expanding or maybe even moving completely to AR. ARKit and Tango both seem very interesting, but *I believe* they will require me to learn from scratch, as opposed to VR using Unity which I already somewhat know. That’s not a bad thing at all, but it just lets me know that if working with something I already somewhat know takes this long, working with something from scratch will, according to my calculations, take 3.7 million years. So that’s more incentive to listen to my buddy Dan’s advice and stop being afraid to fail with my work.


TODO for 8/15/17: (seriously, complete last week’s items, you have more time now)

· Go through Samsung 360 camera basics — how to operate it, etc. Record a simple 30-second 360 video — A.

· Do the 360 video player Unity tutorial myself using the video I recorded above and test it on cardboard and Samsung Gear VR — E.

· Go through this 10 minute tutorial and create a 360 VR app in Unity and test it on cardboard and Samsung Gear VR — B.

· Look into ARKit and Tango and do some initial digging on AR— C.

· Get Premiere CC or some other 360 video editing software — D.

· Complete 3 sections of the Udemy course — A, B, C, D, E.

Alright, here goes another attempt. This one will work.


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