Hello World.

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My name is Arya Azel, and this is my way of holding myself accountable to my goals. Goodbye months of towering castles in the air. Hello cold, hard results! This is my forum for brutal honesty and fanciful explanations under the cozy blanket of anonymity. Now for some exposition:

People are, have always been, and will continue to be self-destructive as a species. I dream of alleviating that destruction by helping people understand each other using the exciting buzz words of technology, virtual reality, and a touch of psychology (sorry psychology, you’re not considered a buzz word by the masses). Technology connects people. That much is well documented. VR seemingly disconnects people. That much is hotly contested. But VR has its benefits, most of them stemming from how immersive the media is. You feel like you’re there. You feel.

So, with that enticing-yet-vague-enough introduction, I will now say that if you’ve gotten this far, congratulations! You read through two whole paragraphs of an article titled “Hello World” by an author whose last name is Azel. I’m writing this purely to motivate myself to actually carry through on the many ideas I have and to actually go on a journey I’ve been holding myself back from for far too long. I need to give myself permission to fail. As long as these little ideas are not on paper, they are perfect. They cannot be anything else. But if I start to act on them, the chance of failure — losing time, losing money, losing confidence and self-esteem — obviously sharply increases. So this is me committing to myself. I will carry this through.

Now for some ground rules:

  • I will have weekly posts every Monday covering ideas, progress, blocks, and an honest evaluation of the week.
  • I will spend at least 5 hours a week working on my project, and this does not include time spent writing the posts.
  • I will have clear deadlines for myself regarding where I want to be at certain points in time.

My first action item was simply to write this first article, because I am a champion of inertia. I needed to get the ball rolling, and this is me giving it that initial push. So lets keep it short and sweet for now.

TODO for 7/17/17:

  • Watch this 360 video player Unity tutorial I found lying around.
  • Go through this 10 minute tutorial and create a 360 VR app in Unity.
  • Go over Unity basics that I’ve forgotten from lack of use. Wait, I need to quantify this: go through one Unity tutorial I haven’t gone through yet.
  • Go through Samsung 360 camera basics — how to operate it and transfer the videos to my laptop. Find a way to edit the video on Mac.

That should be enough for this week. Now for some

Long-term goals:

  • Create my own mobile Unity game — something small and preferably in a Google Spotlight format — by the end of August.
  • Figure out if I want to focus on 360 video or Unity development for VR by the end of August.
  • Have a working demo by January.

I’m excited to finally embark on this journey. Let’s do this.