Easy way to Install Norton Utilities 16 Setup

Arya Garnet
Oct 11, 2019 · 2 min read

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Norton is a name that is well-renowned amongst security solutions provider. Its security solutions are the perfect way to keep your device protected from all sorts of dangers such as viruses, viruses, phishing scams much more in addition to Ransomware. NU16 or Norton Utility 16 is another utility bundle fabricated and designed by Norton.

The Maintain, configure, optimize and principle aim of the package is to analyze a PC. Its Latest attribute contains features like Norton Disk Doctor, app uninstaller, Duplicate File Finder, Disk Defragmenter, Startup Manager, Service Manager, Restore Center, System Optimizer, System Dashboard and more.

For Norton Utility 16 on your apparatus, you need to follow three processes, such as setup, activation, and download. Steps to perform these 3 processes are:

Steps for downloading Norton nu16

1. Subscribe to your Norton account by visiting Norton official website

2. Now visit Order History tab reachable only alongside Norton
Evaluate the arrangement details

3. Copy the Norton product key after which enter when asked
You, Will, Be automatically redirected to the Download Manager

4. Click this hyperlink to Begin downloading

5. Steps to installing Norton nu16

6. Double click on the NU16 setup you have just downloaded

7. This will automatically start the installation

8. Click Next

9. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process

Measures for tripping Norton

1. After the installation finishes, you’ll be asked to enter the Norton product necessary

2. Enter the primary and click activate

3. Your Own Norton Utility 16 is set to use trip Norton.com/nu16!

If any issue occurs during Downloading contact technicalsquad gets a satisfied solution instantly.

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