How to Safely Uninstall Norton Antivirus From Your PC

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Norton Antivirus is a product that’s used by countless individuals to maintain their computer of spyware that is other and viruses. Even though Norton Antivirus is popular, it is rather tricky to uninstall from the PC. There’s a simple way to do eliminate it with no issues.

To remove Norton Antivirus, you have to be able to do two things first, you simply have eliminated its registry keys and to eliminate its application documents. By eliminating both of these elements that are major, you won’t simply stop Norton however you’ll also cut the program which makes it as though it was not there, to begin with. Now you can do this and is the process that the entire computer technicians utilize to uninstall programs
The very first thing you have to do would be to eliminate the” Program Files” out of your PC. Schedule files are the documents that make the app operate, which makes it the capacity to execute its operations and to load. Similar to taking the engine from a 15, Eliminating a program’s program files is — that the program does not operate effectively eliminating it. To eliminate the program documents of Norton,

you must visit My Computer, browse to C: Program Files/Norton Antivirus. You have to choose that folder and press DELETE & SHIFT. This may remove the files for Norton, preventing it from functioning.

The next thing you have to do would be to then” cut” Norton from Windows. Deleting the registry keys which Norton may have does this. All these keys are stored in a database known as the’ registry’ and inform you pc to perform everything to allowing it to do what it requires up the app. To eliminate these keys, then you only have to hunt for REGEDIT.EXE in your own computer, open it up and then press CRTL + F. Then type” Norton Antivirus” from the search box, letting it hunt for all of the keys in regards to this app. For after backing up your registry, of course, you need to delete it in the ideal hand.

Throughout uninstalling Norton if any query or information needed Contact Norton Customer Service Number to get timely help.

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