Learn Step By Step How Permanently Remove AVG Antivirus

Arya Garnet
Jul 3 · 3 min read

Are you stressing over how to fully and permanently eliminate your AVG antivirus software from your own computer system? AVG is a highly recommended piece of software, in relation to internet security as it can be downloaded at no charge. This is highly attractive to most the public. However as most men and women opt for the free option, as appose to the update, they discover that the software has draw-backs. These extend to such matters as system performance, routine pop-ups, unnecessary updates/system restarts and most importantly you do not get full protection. Due to these reasons many people choose to opt out of their services, which can be more of a difficult job than meets the eye. Therefore I’ve written this guide to talk you through it.

Uninstall AVG Antivirus

Some of the principal issues with fully removing AVG are that the software will have multiple files that immerse themselves in different parts of your PC hard drive. Also have been proven to store virus’s testimonials and/or Trojans deep within registry, where the Windows Add/Remove Programs software cannot get rid of simply by uninstalling AVG.

Follow the steps below to fully remove AVG Antivirus:

Step One

Click the Task Manger and then the Procedures tab.

Find the AVG icon and press finish procedure (sometimes this won’t be there, if so skip this step).

Step Two

Click on the Start button and press the Control Panel icon.

Click the Add/Remove Programs tab or the Uninstall a Program icon.

Locate the AVG icon and click.

Press the Uninstall button.

Practice the Process.

Do not restart your PC.

Measure Three

Making amendments to your systems registry is quite dangerous to the health of your computer. If you’re not a professional in IT I recommend getting expert help. If the wrong file gets eliminated then you can corrupt your entire system, resulting in irreversible mistakes. The only other option is that you decide on a software solution to remove all documents for you.

Click the Start button and then press Run.

Sort in “reedit” and press enter.

Double click on the folder named; Hkey_CURRENT_USER and navigate into the SOFTWARE folder.

Click the folder called AVG and press.

That should complete the endeavor. However on occasion it has be known that AVG can pop up even if almost all files are eliminated. In this scenario I suggest searching for a 3rd party software solution. Otherwise contact with the AVG support team.

If you are hesitant about playing with your system registry then I can only recommend downloadable software to remove all of the proper files for you. There’re many available software solutions on the web and with some research you’ll discover the right candidate.

Finding it difficult to eliminate AVG antivirus? Visit: AVG Antivirus phone number.Removing software manually can be quite difficult. If you are experiencing problems with the windows add/remove programs then you might have to download expert uninstaller tools.

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