10 Strategies to Foster New Habits

Do you familiar with an ambitious statement like this “Okay, i will start running every morning starts from tomorrow!” or “ i will start to read a book every day” then your great planning begin to fail after several attempts.

Do you realize why?

Maybe all this time you were planning and did it wrong.

Like Sean Covey said

“We become what we repeatedly do.”

We want to foster exercising habit because we want to become healthy. We want to foster reading habit because we want to become smarter. But it not easy to foster the habits.

This is the strategies to help you to make it easier. So you could achieve your new year resolution successfully.

1. Have the reason or the “Why”

Of course if you want to develop a new habit you should recognize the reason and ask yourself why you should do it. Is it for your own good? or is it to be a better self ?or for another reason?go find it.

If you don’t have any reason to do it you won’t make it last. Because we need a strong of purpose for our goals and it will give you a sense of destination.

Begin to write the reason why you should have this habit on a sticky notes or a paper and put it on a place that you can see every day ex: mirror or wallet. So you can remember it when you start to doubt why you must do it.

2. Don’t tell everyone!

Research that led by Peter Gollwitzer shows there is a gap between intention and the results or

he concluded that telling people what is your goals or what you want to achieves will creates a premature sense of completeness. So your brain think you already accomplished the goals that actually it not yet happen.

Maybe you will feel the sense of pride when you let everyone know like you posting it in instagram and you wants to look proud in front of everyone. But it will make you think you already do it before have a progress.

Even If you want to tell someone you should make a progress first then you can only tell the trusted circle like a person or a friend that you can trust to give you a feedback for your advancement.

3. Learn the habit loop

In the Charless Duhigg book he introducing a habit loop that baked by science. This book is a must if you want to develop a habit.

This is the flowchart infographic that provided by the charlessduhig.com.

4. Make a Pre-commitment

Pre-commitment is to make “agreement” by doing something in advance to increase your chance for success to develop a habit.

This will help you to make it difficult to fail when you develop a habit in the future. So in this way we assume that our future self is lazy.

Then we must make something before doing the habits. Like example : if you want to develop exercise you should Invest in a running shoes.

Put near your bed a day before you want to go running in the morning or you can become a member of a gym and pay in advance.

Punishment also can helpful like monetary fine if you do net exercise on the schedule.

5. Using the concept of “flow”

When we create a goals for our habit we should make the goals is challenging yet achieveable Hungarian-American psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi introducing a concept of “flow” is a mental state of complete absorption in the current experience.

6. Always start small

the most mistake when people wants to master a habit is they always starts a way to big.

Like example people wants to make a habit a running or exercising in the morning then they starts with a target one hour long or 5km run per day, maybe it only works for a couple weeks or month or even just several days.

Because you will got boring and exhausted early. You don’t want that happen . So Always starts very small that you can guarantee you will not fail if you do it every day.

It like if you wants to target a marathon you should do 1km per day for a week but then you can gradually continue to increasing your target after you get comfortable with that goals. So small wins will help you to keep motivated.

7. Don’t break the chain

Jerry Seinfeld’s, one of the most successful comedian in america introducing this productivity method its called “Don’t break the chain” . This method is to help you make a consistent effort into your goals.

Make your plan to foster the habit into a daily task so you must to do it every day to make an impact into your brain, then you shouldn’t make the goals weekly or like two days a week. Just break it down into a daily task until it become a habit

Make your habits goals easier to achieve daily. like example if you want to write novel or an article then you should start write everyday. Make it small goals like 100–200 words per day or just 1 sentence per day but you cannot miss it every day.

Don’t break the chain.

8. Record and track your progress

You should track on your progress so you have an idea about your performance. It is like self control strategies.

What day you usually failed and you maybe have some clue why you always failed on that days and make some mitigation so it won’t happen in the future.

9. It must be for you first

Don’t planning or doing mastering habits because of your family, partner or friends told you to do it. you must do the habit for your own good at first.

Because people will come and go. You cannot depend on other support at first. You should do the habits at your own will and because you need it.

10. You must believe it

Don’t do it, if you don’t believe you can do it. Habit is always start with in your mind. What you think in your mind will affect your behavior.Make sure to tell your mind that you are ready. Be optimistic to achieve your goals.

So, what habits do you want to foster?

or you already have it?

Tell me how you get your habit?