By Aryaman Kochhar

A clueless kid from Bangalore that found himself in Illinois 
 A man now in Yardley, PA, no more just a boy 
 Discovery has seated itself at the core of all my travel 
 New lessons every day this discovery did unravel

Discovery’s a beautiful thing, I realize it only now 
 To the opportunities I have been given, I bend my head and bow

I have discovered that my passion is where I believed it lay 
 I could work in Advertising, with a smile, every single day 
 I have discovered new curiosity, fiercer than before 
 Consuming information till my mind did feel so sore 
 I have discovered that I am the only foreign of the lot, 
 Among the 70-something here present, I’m here to claim my spot 
 I have discovered that I can persevere, something I did not know 
 I’ve biked 10 miles to work and back in thunderstorms that blow 
 I have discovered new friends and people of like mind 
 People that welcomed my differences, people that were kind 
 I have discovered that thoughtfulness can go a long, long way 
 To make a kid feel welcome even though he’s far away 
 I have discovered my love to wield my words, a copywriter to be 
 To shadow a Creative Director of caliber, that’s some opportunity
 I have discovered that collaboration can be harder than it seems 
 I want to learn to adapt and grow, to work better with my teams 
 I have discovered that you will only be heard if you choose to speak up loud 
 Don’t let that voice inside of you get lost amongst the crowd 
 I have discovered things about myself that I never even knew 
 And honestly, dear Publicis, I owe it all to you