unconditional love

Earlier the word unconditional love ,was something imaginary to me.A word that is used frequently by people ,which has no meaning at all .Is there something called unconditional love ?Can love be conditional…?

Relationship are made up of love .People are bonded each other through love.But I found , in every relationship whether it is friendship ,or any other relations there exist some conditions.can somebody love someone without any conditions .At last I found the answer for this question ..!The living love in each and everyone’s life …..The most wonderful relationship! ‘PARENTS’

yes..!parents love their children unconditionally ,no matter what they say ,what they do to them.Father and mother will always forgive their children.they never curse them. they are the two boons that God has given us.parents are the only people who always expect our happiness.Is n’t this love unconditional ?obviously yes…they never expect something back they only need to see our smiling face.So do respect them or at least don’t hurt them.Love them unconditionally…..

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