#AruforJY — Campaign Overview

I recently ran a crowd funding campaign to support myself in attending Jagriti Yatra 2016.

Why this campaign — Read here.

Campaign link: #AruforJY

Today, my campaign is at 110% with 52 backers. I reached my goal in 5 days and I dedicate this success to all my mentors and backers :)

You will read through my experience and all that I did, below.

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Campaign Timeline

Initially, when I started, I had hundred questions going on in my mind. The first step is always the hardest! To make the conscious decision that you are going for it and actually starting it.

I succumbed my questions and went forward with hosting the campaign via ketto.com. I shared it on face book, tagged a few friends. Within the first 5 minutes, I received INR 3000 from my cousin and a friend! It was working :D

To my backers, I emailed a personalised Thank you note and shared my happiness on social media as well.

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This is the thank you image I shred via email.

In another 2 hours, I received INR 8000 which is 13% of my target amount, INR 62,000. I was super excited! That night, I couldn’t sleep. When you have something amazing stuck in your head, shutting down and dozing off becomes so so hard :D

The following morning, I got up by 5am and the notification I had received then swept the ground from under my feet! I had received INR 19,500 from The Vice President of Bitcoin India and my campaign was now at 40%!

This was getting even more interesting! By now, I was certain that I’d sail through this campaign and soon achieve my goal. My focus then shifted to spreading awareness to my community about Jagriti Yatra and crowd funding.

I wrote close to 120 personalised emailed and reached out to my family and friends, fellow entrepreneurs and community leaders and few influencers.

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Personalised email that I sent out to 120 community members.

Well, you can guess! I received mixed response from them. While few people absolutely appreciated my initiative, the other half also told me that this was nothing but digital begging. Few people get happy when they help someone else and few people get happy holding on to their money and assets.

It was indeed heart-breaking to have received few very disturbing comments from my near and dear. I’m assuming that is possibly because we generally dislike anything that we don’t know about. Simply because we are scared. Whatever it was, I’ve taken it lightly :)

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This comment says that CF is nothing but electronic begging.

To my surprise, I had a lot of my friends putting in few hundreds. It was not about the amount they put in, but their gesture that I value! I received excellent support from the startup community and fellow women in the industry.

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Reply received from a dear friend :)

Thanks to all my backers for helping me believe in myself. Through this, you have also helped other young girls like me to believe in their dreams and make it happen!

My campaign easily hit 80% and that’s when I started sending updates to all my backers, sharing the feedback I’ve received so far.

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Update sent when my campaign hit 80%

By the fifth day of my campaign, I had crossed 90% with over 15 people reaching out to me directly enquiring more about JY and the campaign. At around 10 PM, that night, I received a message which read “Your campaign is a resounding success! Its 100% complete!”

I couldn’t be happier! Team Exploride had contributed INR 10,000 and helped me close my campaign!

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Campaign at 110%!

But, this doesn’t end here!
What next?

  • I’ll be writing about my entire campaigning experience and open-sourcing all that I learned through my blog posts.
  • During the Yatra and Post the Yatra, I’ll continue to share my experiences with my backers.
  • Because of the support I’ve received, my parents have started believing in me. I will work towards helping many more such Aryas in following their dreams. I commit myself to paying this forward.

This entire crowd funding experience taught me a lot of things. One very important skill that you learn in the process is writing good emails, digital marketing and engaging leads. It is a fun, exciting experience and something everyone must try at least once!

I’ll be happy to help in any way possible. I’ve compiled few tips and tools that worked well for me in this blog — 10 tips to run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

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