Be like Mimi and Koko

Once upon a time, there lived pretty Mimi and handsome Koko. Koko went to school with her.

They were friends.

On their way back home, Mimi asked him “Ko? Let’s play cricket in the evening?”

“Na Mimi. Today I’m cooking the dinner. I’ve got to prep for it”, said Koko.

“Sounds yummy! I’ve got my match tomorrow, Ko. You’ll be there, right?”, said Mimi all excited!

Years later, Mimansa and Kaushik sat in his restaurant and cherished those days. She was on the National Women’s Cricket Team and he was the Chef at his own Multicuisine restaurant.

Mimi and Koko exist among us. They dared to be different. They nourished their dreams and followed what they were passionate about. And their parents let them follow their hearts.

Be like Mimi and Koko.

Be like their parents.

Be amazing.

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