About WEQ 2017

Women Entrepreneurship Quest (WEQ) 2017 is a flagship contest of Anita Borg Institute (ABI) India for women entrepreneurs, who are founders of startups in the technology sector. WEQ is a comprehensive platform that provides networking, mentoring and learning opportunities to grow one’s business.

Winners of WEQ 2017 get to become a part of the strong community of Women Founders and also visit Silicon Valley for an experiential learning trip.

Last date to apply: 3rd September 2017

Apply here

For any questions or clarifications write to ABI-India@anitaborg.org

Facebook Live sessions happen every day at 11 AM in the ABI India Facebook Page. Winners of WEQ 2016 speak about their startups, WEQ/Silicon Valley experience and tips to applying for WEQ 2017.

Winners of WEQ2016

Ishita Anand — Founder and CEO, BitGiving

Domain: Crowdfunding

Bitgiving is a crowdfunding platform for artists, engineers, and other creators. It emphasizes storytelling as a campaign tool.

Shrishti Sahu — Founder and Director, Aqaya.

Domain: FinTech

Aqaya is a software and mobile app combo that helps micro-entrepreneurs in rural communities access financial services, makes capital less expensive for borrowers, and creates more transparency within the banking system for them.

Arti Agrawal — Director, Anaxee

Domain: Social Impact, Aadhaar, India stack

Anaxee Technologies works in providing REACH to Tier-2,3 & 4 towns & villages via shared (tech-enabled) feet-on-street of Digital Runners for Data Collection, Verification, eKYC, on-demand India Stack, Rural marketing.

Tanvi Bhardwaj — CTO, MishiPay

Domain: Retail

Mishipay allows customers to pick an item from a store, scan it with the MishiPay app, and walk out with their item. The customer is charged through the Mishipay app. If customers try to walk out without paying, the app will trigger an alarm within the store.

Mayukhini Pande — Co-founder, Greenopia

Domain: Urban Gardening

Greenopia engineers smart gardening products. It focuses on design planters that self-water to take some of the work out of gardening.

Roli Gupta — Founder and CEO, Oorjan

Domain: CleanTech

Oorjan hooks homes and workplaces up with solar power. It will design the solar power system, deliver materials, oversee installation, and offer financing services. It can monitor and show power generation, as well as how much a user has saved in energy costs.

Pooja Kothari— Managing Director and CEO, StoreMore

Domain: Marketplace

Storemore is a storage service for households and businesses.

Dr. Binal Doshi — Co-founder, PlexusMD

Domain: MedTech

PlexusMD is LinkedIn for doctors.

Suhani Mohan — Co-founder and CEO, Saral Designs

Domain: Healthcare

Saral Designs uses technology to create feminine hygiene solutions for India, where sanitary napkins are sparse in smaller towns and stigma against menstruation makes the subject hard to discuss. Its products include long-wear pads and a vending machine that dispenses the products.

Richa Singh — Co-founder and CEO, YourDOST

Domain: MedTech

Emotional wellness startup YourDost connects people with trained counsellors for free online checkups, or with voice and/or video calls for a fee

Roli Gupta has compiled stories about the WEQ 2016 cohort and her experience very beautifully in the following blogs:

Highlights from WEQ 2016 Silicon Valley trip

The winners of WEQ 2016 visited Silicon Valley for over a week. The visit had a good mix of sight-seeing as well as informative sessions and meetings with entrepreneurs.

The delegation included visits and sessions at the following offices, but was not limited to these:

  1. Meeting with Venkatesan Ashok, Consul General of India, San Francisco
  2. Session with Marquesa Finch, Founder, Managing Director Ecosystem Architect, P2Health Ventures
  3. Session by ABI
  4. Session with Charles River Ventures (practice pitch session)
  5. Visit and session at Apple
  6. Visit and session at Cisco
  7. Networking session at Spinta Global Accelerator Office
  8. Session with Meera Kaul
  9. TiECON 2017 Conference
  10. Visit to 500 Startups
  11. Session at Stanford GSB and other women entrepreneurs at Stanford

Silicon Valley experience of WEQ 2016 cohort:

Silicon Valley experience of WEQ 2015 cohort: